Monday, October 29, 2012


The Korean actors/actresses baffles me. Their ability to cry on cue is amazing. I am currently watching Stars Falling from the Sky via Netflix and love it. The story line is sweet and though typical of Kdrama with its one-girl-two guys-love-triangle-with-a-second-girl-making-trouble, I love the family bond this drama emphasizes.

On another note, I had a good day at work today! My client offered me a position at his company! With no background knowledge or resume needed, he offered me a job! He said he will be needing a managerial personnel in a close future and if I was interested, he will come back to tell me. Pretty cool yo! What an awesome compliment! Life is very strange.

GIANTS WORLD SERIES 2012!!!! I love my city! I may not be into sports, but I cannot deny the intensity when the Giants win! The lively energy is palpable.