Monday, June 25, 2012

Horrible week

Omg, for the past 8 days my dad was hospitalized so mum and I stayed by his bedside whenever we could. Let me tell you this, nurses work so hard! They do so much dirty work that I wouldn't be paid enough to do! Wiping patient's posteriors, cleaning up diarrhea, vomit and other bodily excretion. Inserting catheters, and in general, just caring for the ill, wounded and mentally unstable is just so stressful! I spent 6 days sleeping inside the hospital room watching over my dad because he was doped up on lots of pain medicines and it was the most exhausting thing ever. After 6 days, my body failed me and I became sick myself from all the stress and lack of sleep (4 hours a day if I was lucky). My dad would wake up at random times and try to get up or remove his IV needles because he was so heavily medicated after his surgery that he was confused and felt no pain of his actions! He made the process of healing so much more slower than it had to be. Then again, my dad is 74 years old, not a young buck.

Well, my dad may be coming home tomorrow! Fingers crossed! My little dog, Andre has been under Lo's care. I sure miss my little munchkin! I wonder how much bigger he's gotten since Lo's family feeds him alot.

Back to what I was saying, thank you nurses! Your hard work, compassion and knowledge is recognized!

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