Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's day!

I feel so lucky in life lately! Things are coming together and there is so much hope for a good and happy future. Firstly, my two interviews for both the floral industry and hair industry seems to be positive. The only problem would be catering to their schedules, which would take up all my days. I am currently going to school too, so there is very little time as it is. The floral designer I want to intern for is so amazingly talented! I love her style and would love to learn from her. I will help her with some arrangements next Wednesday for a wedding and I really really REALLY hope that I satisfy her! >_< I am nervous, but very excited to start! If things goes well, she will take me under her wing. Wish me luck! As for my hair interview, I went there twice. The first time was to get to know me and what I could offer the salon. That went fine. I feel comfortable in that atmosphere and really like that they have order in the place. I thrive in that kind of environment. My second interview was to demonstrate my skills as a hairstylist. The manager was very impressed with me and told me she will call me next month when their big sale is over so that she will have time to train me. I am excited!!! I love my career choices! I love being creative and spreading beauty around me. Its both fun and for-filling.

While at school today, I received a call from mom that Lo came by with gifts! He and I are both quite busy and he has a crazy school schedule that takes up all his time. So, I did not expect anything today. BOY! =) I came home to a cup of Purple Kow milk tea, pad thai dinner, flowers and CAKE!!!!! LALALAAA LOVE HIM! I can only imagine his insane trip to get all these items. Mind you, the stores/restaurants are not close to each other. He is still in school as I type this post. Poor guy! He is my first boyfriend and my last. Why bother looking for another when I hit the jackpot on the first try? Lucky me! When I start working, I will be his sugar mama! Can't wait to have a healthy cash flow again so we can go out and have fun!! I miss work. I used to work so much!

Like the arrangement? He bought me a hand-tied bouquet. I took it apart and arranged them like so: into a heart shape! ^__^ Skills baby!

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