Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The wonderful 90's underground and Far East Movement: Fighting for Air

Far East Movement- Fighting for Air

I love this song of theirs. Far East Movement has been in the industry for a long time. Mad props for still going and working so hard. I recall Jin the Emcee was the first Asian to get a record deal with a mainstream music label. He didn't make it big, but it was a fleet worth mentioning. I was stroked that Jin had a part as Jimmy the machanic in Too Fast Too Furious. There was a point back during my silly "Azn Pryde" days, that I wanted to name my future kid Jin. Hah. I was such an angry kid back then though.

There are other Asian singers who never made it big, but deserved to. They came out during the wrong time. Kai and Asian Dreamers were really good. My cousin was the one who introduced me to them way back when I was in elementary school. They sand mostly r&b love songs that I still love to this day. I believe they came from the Bay Area. I used to also love Pinya's Always on my mind.

Since I am the road of music's past, my generation used to sport CD players and download music. Napster used to be cool and when mp3s came out, that was the rage! I was in the generation of transition: pagers (learning pager codes was a must) to those big Nokia phones. I still have my first phone and its pretty heavy compared to my present, iphone.

Gameboy color was the most amazing thing and Pokemon blue and red was the best game out. I recall kush balls, tamagochis and baby nanos seen all over the playground. Who were the Wiggles? It was all about the Teletubbies because Po was cute. The Elmo doll was insanely popular and so expensive. It didn't help that Rosie from the Rosie show kept talking about it as the best gift ever.  along with Kirby. Remember Kirby?? I had two of them and thought I was the luckiest girl in the world. Now that I think about it, it looked weird. Its basically a mix between a talking parrot toy and a rodent.

Remember the Kid's tv shows: Banana in Pajamas, Annie in the Big Comfy Couch, Doug Funny, Recess, Sailor Moon (my favorite), Pepperann, Weekenders, and Auther? I used to watch every episode of Power Rangers: Mighty Morphin with the orginal rangers. Heck I named my fishes after the Pink, Green and Blue one. My favorite was the green ranger, before he turned evil and became the white one.

Good old days, to be young again!

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