Tuesday, January 10, 2012

back to school

Waiting for my cosmetology test date since August.. seems like FOREVER! So, I have decided to complete the courses to obtain a floral arranging certificate. I start next Tuesday! Excited! Will start at 9am and end at 10pm, two days a week. I hope that I will have time to play haypi inbetween. x__x playing again! BAHAHA

I could open a flower shop in the future! Working with flowers is so relaxing.


There have been more dry bars opening up. I think its a great idea. To those who do not know what dry bars are: they are salons catering only to hair styling. No hair cutting nor dying is done. If I were a client, I would be more satisfied because there will be instant change, or at least, I expect instant change. Come in with everyday hair, coming out with a great blowout of waves. I am willing to bet that dry bars would be busy for valentines day when the girls want to looks their best.

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