Sunday, December 18, 2011

Celtic Women/ Shangcce: Scarborough Fair

I really like this song! The version sung by Celtic Women is best. I would love to see them sing live one day.

Another version is by this Youtuber: Shangcce. He looks so much like my dad that I had to click on his link. He sings songs while playing a ukulele. =) I ended up listening to his other videos as background music. He sang songs I grew up to, which was sweet.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


March 16 1986
Thats my mom. =) She was so cute. At one point she had the Farrah Charlie's Angel hairstyle too. She even went through the horrible perm phase.

Mom and dad on their wedding day. My dad found one of their invitations from way back. It still looks very new and shiny =).

For their holiday gift, I made them a photobook from The photos are printed as pages of a book. I made a story timeline for them too! I really hope they like them. Since they lost the films for their old photos, I took pictures of the pictures. The result was pretty good, better than scanning (and faster). I can't wait to give it to them!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere we go." =)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

2011 Birthday/Christmas wishlist

Its the time of the year again: THE WISHLIST OF 2011 (for 2012)

I have been very nervous about my cosmetology test date! It has been almost five months and I still haven't been assigned a test date. My classmates who did take the newest test had failed the written portion. So, starting tomorrow I will make myself read the entire book! At least one hour a day will be reserved to read the text book. I really want to pass the entire test on my first try and get my license! Which is why number ONE of my wishlist will be:

[one] get my cosmeotology test date!
[two] pass my cosmeotology test the first time.. get my license!!! I hope!
[three] get a job that makes at least $20bucks an hour.. (tips included is ok ^__^)
[four] buy my own car! preferably a used highlander for starters
[five] have a Christmas tree for 2012! =) I don't have the money to buy one this holiday..
[six] start up Floristry by Alisa for weddings and large events that needs lots of flowers! San Francisco residents only please. I am very affordable, guarantee! I have been building up my credentials and have enough samples of my work to display for the public now.
[seven] take my parents to Vietnam for vacation. They deserve it and I want to give it to them.
[eight] get back into tiptop shape! I gained weight in the last four years and I need to get rid of them! So far, I have been a good gym rat, but I love to eat! ^_^ The progress is slow, but at least there is progress!
[nine] I want a burrito. Craving for one atm.
[ten] get Lo to go bald! (kidding)