Thursday, November 24, 2011

Quynh + Alex's wedding flowers!

Quynh's bridal bouquet! Making this made my arm sore because it was freaking heavy! Tons of pretty flowers in there with no fillers! I love the color combo. This thing makes me happy looking at it. =) Bride and groom approved! Cheers! I think it's as big as a basketball; that was the size she wanted. ^__^

Roses (assorted colors)
Spider Chrysanthemum

Reception table arrangement. I don't even know how many roses there are, but at least 20! This beauty would cost over $150 retail. I did this three times because I didn't like how it looked. The rose's thorns were a painful nuisance.

Roses (assorted colors)
Baby's breath

I had alot of baby's breath left over so decided to utilized them into four flower girl's mini bouquets. The bouquets are simple, but cute for the four little girls to hold without deterring attention from the bride. This would be less messier than having them toss petals down the aisle. Who cleans up all that after the wedding? I think its time consuming and tedious if we, the wedding party have to..

The bride's maid bouquet is alot smaller than the bride's. I wanted them to look similar, but not special because its all about the bride!

Spider Chrysanthemum
Roses (assorted colors)

There are also their centerpieces, but I haven't gotten a picture of those yet. I will edit when I do. =)

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  1. beautiful arrangements by beautiful woman! :)