Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Quynh + Alex's Wedding flowers contin. =)

The groom's boutonniere. I did this few minutes before meeting them up because I wanted it to stay fresh and lively for as long as possible. Once cut and taped, the flowers wouldn't get any water and wilts slowly. I was unsure what to do at first. I initially saved some hypericum to highlight the rose, but I thought it didn't flow well with the bride's bouquet. For great sacrifice, I cut up my beads for a better accent because just the flowers alone didn't do much. It lasted from 12pm to night time's reception dinner!

rose, peach colored
hydrangea, green
golden beads

Quynh's bouquet at the restaurant. My camera phone doesn't take very good pictures, but I wanted to show how the spider chrysanthemum looks like in the bouquet. Overnight, it blossomed even more! Look at her tiny arm compared to the bouquet.. The restaurant was very pink so my camera's lighting was affected.

We only were able to stay for an hour to set up and wait for guests. Lo's mom wanted to go to a family buffet so we left early for her. Turned out, she changed her mind and was not happy at us for the time constraints. So, for Thanksgiving, Lo and I had our dinner at Jack in the Box. We were both wearing formal clothing too.

One of seven centerpieces at the restaurant. Their reception was an Asian buffet so the centerpieces were moved when the food came out. At least it looked nice when the guests arrived =). Lo and I were lucky to eat the fried crabclaw stuffed shrimp! We had to go when the lobsters came out.. boooooo!!!!

Lo and I attended their ceremony at church in the morning. It was a bit awkward for us because neither of us are religious. However, it was fun and insightful. The Father made a very good point and that stuck with me. He said there are two words that makes a marriage work and made everyone in the wedding party answer. No one got it right. He then told us all to just go home (kidding of course). The answer was: For/With. He explained that for a marriage to work, one must live FOR the other and live WITH (alongside) them. One can say they love the other, but if you still continue to live for yourself, it won't work for long. When one marries another, one is saying that their life has no meaning without the other. The same perspective should be the same for the other person.

Quynh was so beautiful in her white wedding dress! SO BEAUTIFUL! =) Alex was also dashing too! I wished she wore that at the reception as well as her ao dai! Asian wedding customs intends for brides to change dresses multiple times during the reception dinner. Ah well.

I hope Quynh and Alex had a great time! =) I wished Lo's mom would have told us before we left that she changed her mind.. Hope Quynh would post the the pictures soon! I need to steal the ones that include Lo and myself for our next scrapbook. =)

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  1. YUP! she stripped us from yummy food! we went from high end to fast food! what you doing calling another guy dashing huh? you're in trouble now!