Monday, October 17, 2011

Shanghai soup dumplings

I AM CRAVING FOR SHANGHAI SOUP DUMPLINGS [again]!!!!! also known as Xiao Long Bao! =) YUMMY YUMMY!

This Saturday, I will make Lo take me again! =) We went to Shanghai Dumpling King a few days ago to try out the place. I liked it, but Lo thought the soup was too sweet. The place is really not about ambiance and that's okay with me. It was cheap cheap cheap! For $5.50, we got 10 of dumplings. Lo and I also ordered three more items, total of four items. The entire meal was less than $25 and we had leftovers to take home.

What to expect: 
1. The dough of the dumpling should be thin, but thick enough to hold the meat and soup inside.
2. The soup should be hot and fill at least half of the insides.
3. The meat inside is to add subtle flavor, but the star of the dumpling is the broth inside.

How to eat a Shanghai soup dumpling: 
1. Be extra careful and use your chopsticks to separate the dumpling from the napa cabbage.
2. Have a soup spoon ready to scoop up the dumpling carefully!
3. (optional) add vinegar. I like to bite the top of the dumpling and use another spoon to pour some vinegar inside before I eat. This method blended the flavors very well. This also may be why Lo found it too sweet, because he didn't eat it like I did.
4. Ideally, the entire dumpling is supposed to be eaten in one bite (like sushi), but this place made them larger than my mouth. No complaints there. 

Their combination fried rice was pretty good too. The entire restaurant really reminded me of China's local food stops: cramped, old, but focuses on good old fashioned foods.

This was their dessert! Sugar egg puffs was surprisingly good. It was subtle in taste, but in a good way. The donut was made fresh upon order (hot) and it wasn't too thick, nor too light. It had the right quantity of egg custard inside. The sugar coating made each bite crispy.


Shanghai Dumpling King
3319 Balboa St
San Francisco, CA 94121


  1. yummy sweets! i liked the sweet and fried rice. it was yummy to my tummy! we'll head there some other time. super cheap and good food! =). although, i do prefer Thai or sandwiches!

  2. how about this upcoming saturday?? ^___^