Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

be safe kids! ^___^

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tip: Natural riddance of dandruff

For those with dandruff problems and want a more natural approach to tackle it, use lemon juice! This method is cheaper than buying medicated shampoo because even organic lemons are less than a dollar a piece. Massage the lemon juice into your scalp for five minutes then rinse it off. Do this every other day until dandruff is no more.

This method is easier on men because of their shorter hairs. If you feel that you have to shampoo your hair right after using lemon juice, use mild shampoo. Harsh shampoos will make the process of restoring health longer. It also helps to not use excessively hot water. Lo has this problem. He only showers in really hot water, thus his dandruff.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Lo as a SIM! =)

Sims 3 didn't have the hair style like Lo's, but I tried. I did this without looking at a picture for guidance. I think I nailed it =)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tip: Natural way to lighter hair for brunettes

If you are looking for natural ingredients, try using chamomile tea with a squeeze of lemon mixture. The tea should be warm to your heat comforts. Let the tea soak into your hair for 30 minutes (the time depends on you actually, but 30 minutes is standard for this trick). For better overall results, put a shower cap over your head for the heat of your scalp to aid the process.

My mentor told me this trick and I have been aching to try it out for myself, but I love my hair color now.

Using only lemon juice is another method to lighter hair. Use a shower cap for this one because heat is important here!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Shanghai soup dumplings

I AM CRAVING FOR SHANGHAI SOUP DUMPLINGS [again]!!!!! also known as Xiao Long Bao! =) YUMMY YUMMY!

This Saturday, I will make Lo take me again! =) We went to Shanghai Dumpling King a few days ago to try out the place. I liked it, but Lo thought the soup was too sweet. The place is really not about ambiance and that's okay with me. It was cheap cheap cheap! For $5.50, we got 10 of dumplings. Lo and I also ordered three more items, total of four items. The entire meal was less than $25 and we had leftovers to take home.

What to expect: 
1. The dough of the dumpling should be thin, but thick enough to hold the meat and soup inside.
2. The soup should be hot and fill at least half of the insides.
3. The meat inside is to add subtle flavor, but the star of the dumpling is the broth inside.

How to eat a Shanghai soup dumpling: 
1. Be extra careful and use your chopsticks to separate the dumpling from the napa cabbage.
2. Have a soup spoon ready to scoop up the dumpling carefully!
3. (optional) add vinegar. I like to bite the top of the dumpling and use another spoon to pour some vinegar inside before I eat. This method blended the flavors very well. This also may be why Lo found it too sweet, because he didn't eat it like I did.
4. Ideally, the entire dumpling is supposed to be eaten in one bite (like sushi), but this place made them larger than my mouth. No complaints there. 

Their combination fried rice was pretty good too. The entire restaurant really reminded me of China's local food stops: cramped, old, but focuses on good old fashioned foods.

This was their dessert! Sugar egg puffs was surprisingly good. It was subtle in taste, but in a good way. The donut was made fresh upon order (hot) and it wasn't too thick, nor too light. It had the right quantity of egg custard inside. The sugar coating made each bite crispy.


Shanghai Dumpling King
3319 Balboa St
San Francisco, CA 94121

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tip: gradually lighter hair for brunettes

Yeah yeah yeah, the product says its for blonde hairs, but brunettes could use it too. I have been using this for a few months and I can honestly say, it works! There are no harsh chemicals like peroxide and the process will take place over the days and weeks of usage as oppose to mere minutes. This tip isn't for those with gray hairs because there is no coverage. This process is mostly for those who want to go lighter, but not so much AND for those who do not want a fast and dramatic change.

Being of virgin hair (no chemical dyes), I wanted to go lighter but stick to my natural hues. I love my reddish/brown undertones (the color of your hair under the sun is usually your undertone) and want to bring that out more. My hair is black otherwise. I opted to use John Frieda's Go Blonder Lightning shampoo and conditioner to bring out my desired color.

At the beginning of my experiment, I would lather the shampoo into my hair and leave it there for a short while (five minutes). Just like the process of any chemical dyes, this product reacts to heat. The heat from the scalp is best. So if you have long hair like I do, try to put all your hair on top of your head to get that heat too. I washed my hair everyday and by the end of my third (or was it forth?) day of usage, my hair was noticeably lighter. Over the course of weeks, I used this product interchangeably with protein filled shampoos because like any lightener, it takes away color from  your original hair. So by using protein rich shampoos, I was putting back nutrients to preserve my hair.

Now months into this experiment, I only use the shampoo every other week. I have reached the color I love (AND its my natural undertones!). To prevent over lightening, I only put the product on the new growth and let it sit for a few minutes and use another shampoo for the rest of my hair. This method will help reduce split ends from over using the product. Everyone's hair is different so judge your hair base on what you see and feel. Is it thick? Is it course? Is it thin? My hair is thin so the product works more quickly because it has less to deal with.

The John Frieda conditioner works best with this product.

Moving my room around again! >] evil me! Poor sweet Lo, poor poor fellow! He moved my bed for today. Next week, we will move the bookcase and the desk. All the furnitures in my room are heavy! I have put him under this evil situation many times since we dated. My bed is now back to when I first had it. BAHAHHA

Changing my room is kinda exciting for me. Its like a new atmosphere. Plus, it forces me to clean up all the junk that accumulates over the months of hoarding. Then again, I hoard everything in general. I am trying to break this bad habit. I will post up before and after pictures next week. =)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Thanks to, I have accumlated EIGHT movie tickets from fandango, $5 each! I can't wait until the good movies come out so I can use them.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Moods of rain

Its raining now. This is the best time to stay home with Lo and watch How I Met Your Mother shows while munching on Thai food takeout, whilst cuddled in the comfy couch. Won't happen because he lives elsewhere and has midterms to study for. He goes to school at 9am and ends his last class at 9pm. Bummer

Of all the foods in the world, I love Thai food!