Friday, September 23, 2011

Love+Friendships and cake!

Thanks Quynh and Alex!
I am a GREAT sucker for cakes! When in my most foulest of moods or darkest hours, a gift of cake or milk tea would flip me a 180. =)

Hang, Lisa and I

We were at the Elephant bar. =) Us girls haven't hung out all together since high school! If only Rowella were still here, then it would really be complete. They have grown up so beautifully. I knew Hang since kindergarten and Lisa since middle school. =)

I must take Lo to the restaurant some day for a dinner.

Meuy and I!
It was my first time wearing a poncho and boots! My feet were aching so much after 7 hours of walking around. Most of the time was spent chatting while window shopping. Downtown was filled with weirdos that day: bums lighting cigs inside Macys and yelling at customers, an assault in Union Square that led to detainment, offensive panhandlers who demanded our bags of cake... We did not let that interfere with our catching up time. No siree!

Meuy's boyfriend works in the chocolate factory!!! OMGGG What a heavenly job! If Lo can bake and decorate cakes for a living, I would never let him go! Yum yum

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  1. can't wait to finish school & work to take you to eat lots of yummy things!!!! =). hope you caught up with your friends!