Friday, August 12, 2011

This entire year since 2010- summer 2011 has been horrible! Only two days a week of seeing Lo. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE! Then, it was filled with full time school and more school (40 hours a week, all year). THEN.. this summer I contracted the worst food poisoning experience ever. I was so cold, in pain and so weak. Every time I drank water, I vomit. Even when I don't have anything inside me, I still vomit and it hurted more, so I forced myself to drink water. It was so bad that I couldn't sleep until the next afternoon when Lo asked for a later shift at work to stay with me.

I have no job because I am awaiting all these test dates and licensing to be finished so I could start applying. In result, I have no money and am in debt. That is why I haven't made efforts to call any friends yet. And to make it worse, I am currently having a fever. Went to bed last night shaking and very cold. Woke up and my entire being was weak, aching and my eyes hurt when I moved them. Strange. Hope I heal soon and things pick up!


  1. Don't worry about not having any money. True friends will find things to do with you that won't cost any money. Just heal because I know your friends miss you very much!!!!

  2. hunny, i know something that's fun and doesn't cost money =)). it's available 24/7!