Monday, July 11, 2011

Dream car

Yikes! I haven't done the a zodiac in a while. I apologize and will work on the next one soon. These past few weeks have been busy for me, including this week. I am currently interning for my phlebotomy class (my first day) and boy am I tired! When all is done, I really hope that I passed my exams so that I could start working! Birthdays and major holidays are coming up after the summer and I need cash for presents.

Kristine lent me her car for the weekend. Her trust in me is beyond words. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! I haven't driven in a couple years after receiving my first (and only) ticket while driving Lo's car. It was a hefty fee that cost me over $600. This scared me away from driving since.There was no damage to the car. I was driving Lo to the court house for his jury duty and that area had crazy police watch! Following gps, I was not aware that the lane was for the freeway and quickly switched lanes. The cop pulled me over because I changed on a solid line. =( BOOOO

Anyway, I refound my love for driving! Kristine's car was really cool! You can elevate the seats and it runs so smoothly! Kristine went camping during the week. I wonder if she is back yet... She said she will come pick up her car when she gets back on Monday so I expected my parking space to be empty when I got back today. TADA! It is still here! Hope she had lots of fun!!!

This is also why I want to work; I want to buy my own car! Okay, not car but an SUV! I would love this--->

Though, this is wayyy too expensive and the cost to replace any part is too high for me atm.

I would be just as happy to have this! Toyota Highlander is more practical for me and it looks really nice! I can totally fit my future doberman in there with lots of extra space left! This is totally a family car.

Comparing the two pictures, the highlander looks way better.


  1. too bad you did not mention that you drive like a snail...ok, pretty snail. : p


  2. ouch....did you think about the expensive gas you will have to pay for?

  3. you did a superb job at driving! =). i am so proud of you!!! and your bravery and your blood drawing! hehe! good job hunny! you will be rewarded! thanks for driving me to places! =). i miss being a passenger! it was awesome!