Thursday, July 7, 2011

The dangers of using free Wifi

Truth be told, I love free wifi! Thanks all for not locking it and allowing me to use it. I am truly grateful for the user under the name: networks who provided the wifi during my time in cosmetology school!

Now, free is great but there are hidden dangers. The provider of the unlocked wifi could see ALL the links and passwords (if used) during the duration of your connection to that network. Creepy? Scared? You should be if you were mindlessly going through your bank accounts, emails and/or facebooks while using the wifi. So the friendly unknown neighbor whose wifi you have been using at home could know more about you than you think. Its not to say that all individuals who allow access to free wifi know how to access that information, it could be that they didn't know how to lock their service (it happens). Then again, lets be safe and try to avoid using important links until you reach home and under a secured network. This may not be new information for some people, but I feel it is my duty to spread the information out in case. I just found out recently! OMG! >__< The networks dude may know my Haypi kingdom password!

If you have any questions pertaining to your network/wifi provider, give the company a call. Protecting yourself via web is just as crucial as locking your doors. You shouldn't be careless about either.


  1. Thanks for keeping us all safe!!! I will be posting it on my fb page so all will be safe.


  2. yup yup. free wifi can be very scary =). hehe i can see everything people do when they connect to mine. it's pretty cool! +). that's why don't do anything important when you're using it! you only play games -.-''. love you love you!