Friday, July 29, 2011

Movie Recommendation: Hachiko: A Dog's Tale

I have never watched a movie nor read any books or heard any songs that moved me to uncontrolled tears until today. The movie Hachiko: A Dog's Tale (2009) was such a simple story with so much depth. Unlike most movies of today that centers its entire production around sex and violence, this movie was simply beautiful and it was the exact opposite of mainstream. Basically, the movie is about a man and his dog. He man suddenly dies and the dog continually waits at the same spot, at the same time, every day for the next 9 years of his life. Just watch the movie! It is so touching and so sweet.

Tears just fell nearing the end of the movie and didn't stop until the credidations. I watched this movie with my mother and even she couldn't help it. I never cried over The Notebook, Titianic, or any other sappy love movies. This one did it and totally deserve many praises!

This movie was based on a true story back in Japan in the 1920s. A man suddenly dies and the dog waits for him for 9 years at the same spot every day. Sadly, the man and his dog were only together for a year and the dog lived only for 10 years. For a majority of that dog's life, he was alone and waiting for his beloved owner. That is some insane amount of loyalty and love! If you would like to read more about it, here is the link to Wikipedia: Hachiko.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chinese Zodiac: Snake Babies

Hey all! I have been so tired lately so my postings have long[er] gaps since my last. I really miss sleeping in! Most of my friends are snakes (earth). I think its suiting for them. I know two Earth snakes who are very good at seeing through people (Lo and Hang). I am sure the others do as well; those two just jump into my mind while I was typing this.

1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013

Snake babies are generally quiet, alert and lucky. They are also very intelligent and will do very well in school. Did I mention they are charming? No? Well, they are charming (and quite aware of this trait). When not getting their way, their tempers are a force. They may not be outgoing, but the friendships they do acquire will be long lasting. These babies can hold their own and know how to use people to their advantage.

Metal Snake (1941, 2001): This snake will strive for a life of wealth and power (with the means to get it because of his brilliance). He does not like competition and will want to be the top.

Water Snake (1953, 2013): Goals set and plans laid out, this snake will not be sidetracked from completing them. He is very smart and practical. Though he may appear calm, he does not forgive and forget.

Wood Snake (1965, 2025): Instead of pursuing, this snake's personality draws people in easily. He likes to be admired and will do his utmost to gain and keep it.

Fire Snake (1917, 1977): He is a leader with brains, looks and a charming personality. This snake is very passionate in his likes, dislikes, goals, interests and all others in his life. One slight downside is: its his way or the highway.

Earth Snake (1929, 1989): This snake is more grounded than the others and will have really good insight of people and situations. They will have many solid friendships as they are not self-centered as the other snakes.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Dream car

Yikes! I haven't done the a zodiac in a while. I apologize and will work on the next one soon. These past few weeks have been busy for me, including this week. I am currently interning for my phlebotomy class (my first day) and boy am I tired! When all is done, I really hope that I passed my exams so that I could start working! Birthdays and major holidays are coming up after the summer and I need cash for presents.

Kristine lent me her car for the weekend. Her trust in me is beyond words. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! I haven't driven in a couple years after receiving my first (and only) ticket while driving Lo's car. It was a hefty fee that cost me over $600. This scared me away from driving since.There was no damage to the car. I was driving Lo to the court house for his jury duty and that area had crazy police watch! Following gps, I was not aware that the lane was for the freeway and quickly switched lanes. The cop pulled me over because I changed on a solid line. =( BOOOO

Anyway, I refound my love for driving! Kristine's car was really cool! You can elevate the seats and it runs so smoothly! Kristine went camping during the week. I wonder if she is back yet... She said she will come pick up her car when she gets back on Monday so I expected my parking space to be empty when I got back today. TADA! It is still here! Hope she had lots of fun!!!

This is also why I want to work; I want to buy my own car! Okay, not car but an SUV! I would love this--->

Though, this is wayyy too expensive and the cost to replace any part is too high for me atm.

I would be just as happy to have this! Toyota Highlander is more practical for me and it looks really nice! I can totally fit my future doberman in there with lots of extra space left! This is totally a family car.

Comparing the two pictures, the highlander looks way better.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The dangers of using free Wifi

Truth be told, I love free wifi! Thanks all for not locking it and allowing me to use it. I am truly grateful for the user under the name: networks who provided the wifi during my time in cosmetology school!

Now, free is great but there are hidden dangers. The provider of the unlocked wifi could see ALL the links and passwords (if used) during the duration of your connection to that network. Creepy? Scared? You should be if you were mindlessly going through your bank accounts, emails and/or facebooks while using the wifi. So the friendly unknown neighbor whose wifi you have been using at home could know more about you than you think. Its not to say that all individuals who allow access to free wifi know how to access that information, it could be that they didn't know how to lock their service (it happens). Then again, lets be safe and try to avoid using important links until you reach home and under a secured network. This may not be new information for some people, but I feel it is my duty to spread the information out in case. I just found out recently! OMG! >__< The networks dude may know my Haypi kingdom password!

If you have any questions pertaining to your network/wifi provider, give the company a call. Protecting yourself via web is just as crucial as locking your doors. You shouldn't be careless about either.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!


Today we celebrate our freedom and independence from Great Britain (1776). It took quite a few civil wars to sort out the kinks to unite all 13 colonies. Then many other wars to unite, emancipate, claim and/or buy the rest of the 50 states. I thank all of the dead soldiers, moms, pops, brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, aunts and uncles, sons and daughters, horses, dogs, sheep, cows, etc, who helped bring America to what it is today. Sure, I may be Asian and my ancestors did not contribute to the cause of America's Independence, but I am proud and grateful nonetheless.
Happy Independence Day!
Happy Birthday Meuy!
Happy Birthday Jenny!
Happy Anniversary Lo!