Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weekend plans!

Saturday will be "fun in the sun... under the BOARDWALK"!!!

Yes, Lo and I will be going to beach fun again! We will be going with Kristine and her family =). Lo and I went to Target to get this big red shovel for digging into sand! Kristine already have the buckets and all that other sand building goodies. I think I'll buy some drinks for our picnic. I really want to bring Amber with us, but she has abacus class on Saturdays and I am doubtful that her mom will let her go.

That reminds me, Amber came to visit with her Grandma today so I left school early to see her. It is really rare to have Amber around so I flew home. Took her to Japantown and told her to get whatever she wanted. SO, she picked up a this pencil and in my head, I was thinking "PHEW". Japantown tends to be pricey for a jobless Auntie like me. The cashier rang it up to $17.50!!! Gosh the pencil was so expensive! Ah well, at least she likes it. I didn't have enough with me to take pictures at Pika Pika with her because it was a cash-only establishment. She told me that she will make her Grandma bring her over later this week so we can hang out again! YAY! Being with my niece is a difficult process because she is very very VERY overprotected by her parents. It is for her benefit and I like it, but I do miss her alot. That is why I am so keen on buying stuff for her. I want her to be reminded of me whenever she uses her gifts and know that though I do not see her often, I love her lots. That is the case for Durango and Tila. This also applies to my friends. I cannot wait to finish school this month! I have 200 more long dull hours left to do before I complete my Cosmetology hours!! When I finally have free time, I can hang out with friends. Boy, I miss them.

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