Saturday, June 18, 2011

time flies when you are having fun

AWWWW!!!! Alex and Quynh will fly to Vietnam on Sunday to prepare for their beautiful wedding on July 10. I wish them a safe flight and an easy, stress-free planning! Miss them already!

I ate so much this week! Next week will be crunch time! It was Nancy's birthday dinner yesterday and ate out many times with Kristine and Lo. Mom also stuffed me during dinner time too. Today was worse. Quynh, Alex, Lo and I had lunch at Kome Buffet. We all enjoyed it lots. We then watched the movie: Super 8. I liked it, but during the entire movie I was thinking, "Thanks Alex, thanks alot for picking a movie that will give me gray hairs and wrinkles!" 0__0 It was a thriller omg. There wasn't any gruesome images, but the sounds and the tricks worked on me. Quynh was crying next to me! -------- Kidding! ^__^

After we parted ways, Lo and I went to Kristine's house to play board games. Lo won by sheer luck! I wanted to win.. It was really fun and time flew! We will definitely do this again. Board games are really, really fun! I don't think they have Monopoly so I'll bring mine if they want to play that. Monopoly is a great game! I have the Deluxe and the Hello Kitty versions. Thank you Kristine and Joe for dinner! FULL FULL FULL! Then dad stuffed me with a huge bowl of fruits when I got home. Tomorrow I will walk to Lo's house for exercise!


This was Andre after our last long walk from my home to Lo's. He kept smiling! Lo drove us back home.

I love how Ryan was smiling in the background while I was taking goofy pictures of Lo sleeping. He set such a great example so I followed him. *CHEESE*
CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!! ----->>
I think she took this picture herself. She likes playing with my phone. IN FACT, her gaming skills are better than her mom's. For the game Cut the Rope, she passes each level faster and with more accuracy than her mom! Her lovely mother is none other than Kristine! LALALALALAAA
(0 ^____^ 0)


  1. wonder why i was super extra sleepy that day! lots of sun burn toO! i am still dark as a result of that trip! hope you had fun though! & congratulations to Alex + Quynh! and yup! Kristine's kids are extra cute! and i get free deluxe hug! booyah!

  2. omg, my daughter is on your blog! she IS so cute...except when you two found her eating her boogers! Game nite was fun and I wish to do it with you guys again. And thanks for telling everyone how much daughter is better at games than I am.