Saturday, June 4, 2011

Recommendation: X-men: First Class

Lo and I watched X-Men: First Class today. It was very good! =) The characters and their relationships the movie re-introduced us to were on the spot. There were some humorous scenes and others, sad. The theater was packed for once. Time flew while watching the movie (two hours long). To watch Professor X as a young college student was pretty funny. He had charm and class as well as brain smarts (duh). His weakest point was his strategy to pick up girls!

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  1. hi sweety! =]. i haven't woke up this early in a long time!!!!!! it's a miracle!!! lalala! sorry i fell asleep! x men was super awesome! i liked it a lot lot! =)). hehe glad we went to watch it! my super power is still the best of all the mutants though! i made you fall for me (^_^)V