Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

My Saturday consisted of lunch prepared by Lo! This was the second time he has ever made lunch for me. The first time was instant noodles (he can't cook).

1. tomatoes
2. lettuce
3. cha hue (specialty meat according to Joe ^_^ )
4. sliced jalapenos!!!
5. herbs+garlic mayo
6. bread
7. smoked turkey

One bottle of Palm juice and cup of milk tea to drink.
It was yummy! =) Jalapenos are the best thing ever! I still have some stuff left so will be packing lunch for tomorrow. The jalapeno jar is almost empty and we bought it new on Saturday!


For my family, it goes by the saying: "happy wife, happy life". So, we took mom + dad out to Westlake shopping center. It was their first time, but really for mom's benefit. She was excited and very happy! Lo and I ate alot... again! Wingstop (original hot and lemon pepper) and at Hong Kong Cafe (milk tea and curry fishballs). We then met up with my parents after separating for an hour (so they could explore for dinner) at Pho Huynh Hiep 3. Like said, she was very happy. Nothing beats Vietnamese food to her. Swear, we went to Brussels a few years ago and she dragged us to eat at this Vietnamese restaurant. Every country, city and town we go, she sees Viet food, that is where we will eat.

We then went to Home Depot together and she bought this cactus. I didn't notice it until we were walking to the register, that it looked like a penis... [Sorry kids, but the censoring of terminology for male parts is not my style.] Don't believe me? Look at picture! I tactfully told her since she was intending to give it to her friend as a gift. She really liked the flower on top and didn't even notice it until I pointed it out. She still bought it and aruged that it was not noticeable and that I was perverted. As we walked back to Lo's car, this man was looking at mom funny. She cracked up lots and had to agree with me (I win!). To finish my story, she's keeping the cactus and pointed out that another stem is budding out so it wouldn't look like this for long. Sure mom! whatever you say! ^____^


  1. oh my gosh... can't believe no one comment this yet hehehehehehe. i like the penis plant! =). you PERV!!! i would have NEVER guessed that it was a penis plant! lalala. i feel bad not getting your dad anything for father's day =(. sorry darling!

  2. really a penis? your ARE a perv! It just looks like a happy fact to me!