Thursday, June 9, 2011

Chinese Zodiac: Dragon babies

It seems like a handful of my friends are pregnant this summer. CONGRATS TO YOU WONDERFUL SOON TO BE MOTHERS AND FATHERS!!!!!!!!! It is the year of the rabbit now (2011), but it since it takes nine months upon conception for a baby to fully form, and since they are still early in their pregnancies, it is most likely that their babies will be born in the year of the dragon (whopper of a sentence). I would like to take the opportunity to share some interesting facts of these special dragon babies.

1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012

In 2012, they will be considered water dragon. Water dragons are more relaxed and optimistic than the other types (metal, wood, earth and fire). But, in general, dragon babies will develop their own ideals and principles early in life. They prefer to be independent. They strive to achieve any tasks and will want to feel needed. These babies are their own tough critics. That said, they also need to be grounded and taught at an early age not to bully other children.

Dragons get along with the rat and the monkey.

Metal Dragon (1940,2000)- Very strong willed and expressive. They have little patience with those of less intellect and gusto than them. He lives by his own convictions and will hold strong in a crisis.

Water Dragon (1952, 2012)- This dragon is able to set aside his ego if it helps a cause. They are able to adapt well to situations and unlike the other elements, they do not take badly of failure.

Wood Dragon (1964, 2024)- These dragons are creative and is able to work harmoniously with others (he can have off days). This dragon relies on logic more.

Fire Dragon (1916, 1976)- Will expect alot from others around him, but offers alot in return. This dragon has alot of energy. This dragon is a leader and also wants to be viewed highly of.

Earth Dragon (1928, 1988)- This dragon is sociable but will have compulsive need to control his environment. He is more realistic, stable and sometimes impersonal.


  1. hi my dragon honey! =). hmmm you would be consider a Fire dragon honey! hehe. agree agree? miss you! where's the snake at huh? why's rat after dragoN? rawr rawr!

  2. I am the earth dragon! SHEESH!

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