Monday, June 27, 2011


CHEERS!!!! My first successful blood draw today!!!!!! =)) Along with being a cosmo student, I am also taking a phlebotomy class. I am really scared of needles and had very bad experiences with them, so each day I face my fear. Lucky for me, my classmates are really nice and are willing to give their arms out for practice. Through my wonderful genetics, my veins are hard to find so no one has practiced on me yet... though it did came very close today! Then again, genetics may have been the cause of my painful experiences! If my veins are easier to find, the process wouldn't be difficult and therefore, would not hurt.

Today's draw was on my instructor and after all was done, she said it didn't hurt! Yay! That is great! I do not want to hurt people. I do not want to give them bad hair cuts either. X___X I have 40 more hours left until I am done with my cosmo!!! Almost there!


  1. Well, I think that you are blessed in your case to not have everyone poking you. Don't worry, as with everything, practice make perfect. I am sure that you will do a good job. Just don't give up and it seems like you have nice classmate to practice on. Good luck and work hard.

  2. I know that you can do it. You are very smart and determined!

  3. SO SOrry sweety for not reading your blog lately. you actually don't have a lot but i know why! you are doing way too much! poor you! =(. i'll visit your blog more often! i promise! was sick this week and didn't use my computer =(. love you lots! hope you are already sleeping & sleeping tightly! ahhhhh can't wait to see you! 1 more day to endure! miss you so so much!!!!