Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit Babies

1927 1939 1951 1963 1975 1987 1999 2011

Rabbit babies are generally of sweet nature and have [better] sensitivity to emotions. They are able to pick up the moods of their parents or guardians and will adapt easily. Rabbit babies are cunning and can see holes through obstacles to get what they desire. These babies can amuse themselves with independent activities (games, books, movies, etc.) without need for company. When it comes to other people, they will cater to please, but also will find ways to better the situation for themselves. It is not to say they are selfish, they can be generous. The main advantage for these babies is the fact that they will be liked by many in their lifetime.

Metal Rabbit (1951, 2011): This rabbit many be stronger physically and mentally than the other rabbit elements. They are more responsible and smarter. Art will be his grounding and where he finds inspiration.

Water Rabbit (1963, 2023): With a great memory, outstanding intuition and sensitivity, this rabbit can be a force if needed. He will form many strong bonds of friendships. They may be prone to sadness but their friends should help cheer them up when needed.

Wood Rabbit (1915, 1975): Generous and receptive of others, this rabbit needs to be careful of knowing the limit because many may try to take advantage. In job situations, he will do fine in the long run and will have no trouble finding work.

Fire Rabbit (1927, 1987): This rabbit have charming and easy personality which makes them so likeable. He is also more tempered than the other elements. Keen to avoid confrontation, he will seek other means of solving the problem.

Earth Rabbit (1939, 1999): Less indulgent as the other rabbits, this rabbit is more rational with his day to day life. He is more independent and betters his own welfare first before others. However, this can be changed if he [wants to] put[s] the effort to.

Monday, June 27, 2011


CHEERS!!!! My first successful blood draw today!!!!!! =)) Along with being a cosmo student, I am also taking a phlebotomy class. I am really scared of needles and had very bad experiences with them, so each day I face my fear. Lucky for me, my classmates are really nice and are willing to give their arms out for practice. Through my wonderful genetics, my veins are hard to find so no one has practiced on me yet... though it did came very close today! Then again, genetics may have been the cause of my painful experiences! If my veins are easier to find, the process wouldn't be difficult and therefore, would not hurt.

Today's draw was on my instructor and after all was done, she said it didn't hurt! Yay! That is great! I do not want to hurt people. I do not want to give them bad hair cuts either. X___X I have 40 more hours left until I am done with my cosmo!!! Almost there!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chinese Zodiac: Tiger babies

My dad is the Earth Tiger and it fits his personality to a T (pun intended)! ^__^

1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010

Tiger babies have alot of energy and will go from one activity to the next. They may bully less aggressive children so they should be taught at an early age not to. These babies makes friends easily. Their traits of happiness and generosity draws others to them. These babies do not like secrets and will want to be told the truth (they do not keep secrets well themselves). They are direct of their thoughts and opinions and it is advisable for parents of this tiger baby to teach boundaries early.

Water Tiger (1962, 2022)- This tiger is more perceptive and rational than the others. They are very good speakers. He will be less tempermental and may sometimes procrastinate.

Wood Tiger (1974, 1934)- Loves group work and will have many friends. That said, he will try to do the least amount of work (but will do his best of the tasks). This tiger will have many hobbies and interests.

Fire Tiger (1926, 1986)- This tiger is always ready for action and enjoys finding new adventures to partake. A leader and an optimist, he does not listen to criticisms.

Earth Tiger (1938, 1998)- Unlike the other tiger elements, this tiger is more realistic and responsible. Cautious is the right word for this tiger; he will weigh the possibilities and then proceed with tasks rather than hastily jumping into.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Recommendation: Eat Drink Man Woman

Eat Drink Man Woman is such a good movie! I find it so rich of the modern Chinese culture. There are the struggles between the old aged family values and newer ways of living. I can totally see myself in the daughters' shoes at times (okay, many times). My parents are very similar to the father in the movie!

The traditional ways of preparing Chinese meals are really cool. This has been lost, I now see, with all the fast foods (chow mien, fried rice, etc) in America. What I was given to eat does not compare by far to the richness of the culture. Then again, I have been raised with Vietnamese foods =). 

Thank you Netflix for having it available for streaming!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Waxing: what to expect and safety precautions

This information is generally for all waxing services: facial (eyebrows, upper lip, chin), legs, arms, bikini, brazillian, back, chest, etc. The steps I have down will vary due for each service, but it comes down to the same thing: safety! I am from California and the laws here are more strict than other states (in the US), so I am basing my knowledge on this. Plus, it is always best to set a high standard on safely because waxing could become dangerous.

1. Be sure that your esthetician washes his/her hands with soap before the service! You never know what that person touched before you came. Washing hands reduces bacteria from spreading (that's why hospitals and restaurants requires it)! Also, take note if the drapings are new before you lie on the service bed.

2. Hairs longer than an inch should be trimmed, longer than 1 inch will be more painful during the procedure. Baby powder is then spread over the desired area to absorb oils so that the wax can have a good grasp.

3. There are risks of getting STDs, HIVs or AIDs because the heat of the wax keeps organisms alive until it finds a carrier. There is a very simply way to ensure that you are getting a safe wax job and that is to make sure your esthetician is not double dipping the wooden stick into the wax jar. A new stick should be used for each application of wax. There is an alternative: the wax could be collected into a smaller container that would be used solely for you. Then, the wooden stick is allowed to double dip.

4. Your esthetician should never wax the same area more than once! This will irritate the skin and may cause skin tear and infection. Unfortunately for me, my first waxing was this (during high school). The lady kept waxing at the same place and my skin had spots of blood as a result. I had no idea and thought this was normal. Any strays of remaining hair in that area should be tweezed out instead.

5. Wax strips should be placed and rubbed according to the pattern of hair growth. However, during the time of wax, the strips should be pulled opposite of growth direction. Immediately after a wax, slight pressure should be applied to that area then continue to the next area. This will help with the pain and the shock of the skin.

6. After all the waxing and tweezing is done, your estheitician could apply baby oil to remove remaining wax from your skin. Here is where it depends on your salon: using toner. Since the hairs have just been removed, the gaps remaining are wide open so it is best to use toner to close them. Toner also helps cools your skin. Baby oil could subsitiute, but it is not the same.

Now you are done!

I have seen nail technicians done wax services with no education on it. Infact, in this salon (no names), it was one nail technician's first time doing a bikini wax on a client and when she was done, she asked me if what she did was correct. I was disturbed by it. Aren't you? I believe this was the case for my first wax as well. So, ask the person who will service if they are licensed as an esthetician if you are getting your service at a nail salon to ensure that you are protected and that they know what to do.

If you feel the need to, take a pill or two (according to manufacturer's directions) of Tylenol one hour before your service. That is what I do and pain is minimal, for me anyway. For the ladies, do not go a week before and during your period; you will be more sensitive to pain. For all sexes, if you do decide to get a bikini or brazillian wax, it is courteous to wash up before you go.

If you are afraid of the pain, remember that the mind is amazing and can increase your awareness if you focus on it too much. Just try to relax and take deep breaths. Your esthetician could help take your mind off during the service by talking to you. Or, you could listen to music. =)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

My Saturday consisted of lunch prepared by Lo! This was the second time he has ever made lunch for me. The first time was instant noodles (he can't cook).

1. tomatoes
2. lettuce
3. cha hue (specialty meat according to Joe ^_^ )
4. sliced jalapenos!!!
5. herbs+garlic mayo
6. bread
7. smoked turkey

One bottle of Palm juice and cup of milk tea to drink.
It was yummy! =) Jalapenos are the best thing ever! I still have some stuff left so will be packing lunch for tomorrow. The jalapeno jar is almost empty and we bought it new on Saturday!


For my family, it goes by the saying: "happy wife, happy life". So, we took mom + dad out to Westlake shopping center. It was their first time, but really for mom's benefit. She was excited and very happy! Lo and I ate alot... again! Wingstop (original hot and lemon pepper) and at Hong Kong Cafe (milk tea and curry fishballs). We then met up with my parents after separating for an hour (so they could explore for dinner) at Pho Huynh Hiep 3. Like said, she was very happy. Nothing beats Vietnamese food to her. Swear, we went to Brussels a few years ago and she dragged us to eat at this Vietnamese restaurant. Every country, city and town we go, she sees Viet food, that is where we will eat.

We then went to Home Depot together and she bought this cactus. I didn't notice it until we were walking to the register, that it looked like a penis... [Sorry kids, but the censoring of terminology for male parts is not my style.] Don't believe me? Look at picture! I tactfully told her since she was intending to give it to her friend as a gift. She really liked the flower on top and didn't even notice it until I pointed it out. She still bought it and aruged that it was not noticeable and that I was perverted. As we walked back to Lo's car, this man was looking at mom funny. She cracked up lots and had to agree with me (I win!). To finish my story, she's keeping the cactus and pointed out that another stem is budding out so it wouldn't look like this for long. Sure mom! whatever you say! ^____^

Saturday, June 18, 2011

time flies when you are having fun

AWWWW!!!! Alex and Quynh will fly to Vietnam on Sunday to prepare for their beautiful wedding on July 10. I wish them a safe flight and an easy, stress-free planning! Miss them already!

I ate so much this week! Next week will be crunch time! It was Nancy's birthday dinner yesterday and ate out many times with Kristine and Lo. Mom also stuffed me during dinner time too. Today was worse. Quynh, Alex, Lo and I had lunch at Kome Buffet. We all enjoyed it lots. We then watched the movie: Super 8. I liked it, but during the entire movie I was thinking, "Thanks Alex, thanks alot for picking a movie that will give me gray hairs and wrinkles!" 0__0 It was a thriller omg. There wasn't any gruesome images, but the sounds and the tricks worked on me. Quynh was crying next to me! -------- Kidding! ^__^

After we parted ways, Lo and I went to Kristine's house to play board games. Lo won by sheer luck! I wanted to win.. It was really fun and time flew! We will definitely do this again. Board games are really, really fun! I don't think they have Monopoly so I'll bring mine if they want to play that. Monopoly is a great game! I have the Deluxe and the Hello Kitty versions. Thank you Kristine and Joe for dinner! FULL FULL FULL! Then dad stuffed me with a huge bowl of fruits when I got home. Tomorrow I will walk to Lo's house for exercise!


This was Andre after our last long walk from my home to Lo's. He kept smiling! Lo drove us back home.

I love how Ryan was smiling in the background while I was taking goofy pictures of Lo sleeping. He set such a great example so I followed him. *CHEESE*
CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!! ----->>
I think she took this picture herself. She likes playing with my phone. IN FACT, her gaming skills are better than her mom's. For the game Cut the Rope, she passes each level faster and with more accuracy than her mom! Her lovely mother is none other than Kristine! LALALALALAAA
(0 ^____^ 0)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chinese Zodiac: Ox babies

So, the Chinese Zodiac goes it this order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and last but never the least, Boar. I had already done the Rat and the Dragon. So, today's animal will be the Ox babies.

1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009
Ox babies are tough and will not cry easily. They tend to listen and obey their elders and must be taught what is right and wrong early or else it will be hard to change his ways later on. Ox babies prefers to resolve conflicts with less words if possible (the use of his fists is an option). These babies like regularity and stability. They are responsible and willing to do their best at their given tasks

Metal Ox (1961, 2021)- This Ox is no failure and will do his utmost to reach his goal. He knows what he wants and will not let anyone or anything deter him from it.

Water Ox (1973,2033)- Unlike the other elements, this Ox is more realistic and practical. If there are any obstacles in his path, this Ox is flexible and can easily route another way to this destination.

Wood Ox (1925, 1985)- More social and compassionate, this Ox has a higher/easier chance to achieving success. His star trait is his understanding of teamwork and motivation.

Fire Ox (1937, 1997)- This Ox is honest and will not take advantage of others. He is very protective of those he loves and make sure they are provided for. He is also more temperamental and works better alone or as a leader.

Earth Ox (1949, 2009)- Aware of his own capabilities and hindrances, he is more practical with his goals and his life. He will be loyal to those he loves and will work hard to achieve his goals (though it may take a long time).

Monday, June 13, 2011

Chinese Zodiac: Rat babies

Since I did a small bit on Dragon babies, I have decided to do a briefer of each of the 12 Chinese Zodiacs. It just wouldn't be fair if I didn't. ^__^

1924 1936 1948 1960 1972 1984 1996 2008

Rat babies will be sweet and loving. They are competitive and seeks attention. They tend to be possessive of those they care about: parents, friends, family. This child will like to eat! Being alone is not their thing; rat babies love the crowd and makes friends with great ease. They are usually tidy with their belongings and can be helpful with chores around the house. Smart and a quick learner, they can easily excel in school.

Metal Rat (1960, 2020)- This rat is more idealistic and emotional (though they will hide it by cheerfulness). They are easily angered, jealous and possessive. They know how to invest wisely and money is important to them.

Water Rat (1912, 1972)- Able to relate and get along well with everyone. This will give him an advantage in life toward success. This rat will seek education throughout his life.

Wood Rat (1924, 1984)- They like to explore and learn new things. They also seek for admiration and approval from others. A good talker, this rat will have no problem having others on their side.

Fire Rat (1936, 1996)- Loves to travel, enjoys the latest fashion. This rat has a strong and open personality. This type of rat may be the most generous than the other rats. This rat is independent and very competitive

Earth Rat (1948, 2008)- This rat strives to develop his own positive traits and is realistic. They like to maintain good relations with everyone and will seek out loyal friends.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The fandango deal worked! Lo and I are off to watch Kung Fu Panda 2!!!!! Hiya!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Santa Cruz with kids was super fun. They make building sandcastles,digging holes and burying people funny. It wasn't a sunny day and it was windy too! AH MAN! such luck! The rest of the week was sunny and only on Saturday (today) that it was cloudy. YET, Lo and I still got sun burned. Our faces are what they call, sun kissed and my neck is burnt.

I am so sleepy and tired. It has been a long day. FUN, but very very long. more tomorrow, just checking in. =)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Daily movie deals!!!!!

2 tickets for $9!!!! Fandango!

Great deal!!!! one more day left! click link to get it!

Chinese Zodiac: Dragon babies

It seems like a handful of my friends are pregnant this summer. CONGRATS TO YOU WONDERFUL SOON TO BE MOTHERS AND FATHERS!!!!!!!!! It is the year of the rabbit now (2011), but it since it takes nine months upon conception for a baby to fully form, and since they are still early in their pregnancies, it is most likely that their babies will be born in the year of the dragon (whopper of a sentence). I would like to take the opportunity to share some interesting facts of these special dragon babies.

1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012

In 2012, they will be considered water dragon. Water dragons are more relaxed and optimistic than the other types (metal, wood, earth and fire). But, in general, dragon babies will develop their own ideals and principles early in life. They prefer to be independent. They strive to achieve any tasks and will want to feel needed. These babies are their own tough critics. That said, they also need to be grounded and taught at an early age not to bully other children.

Dragons get along with the rat and the monkey.

Metal Dragon (1940,2000)- Very strong willed and expressive. They have little patience with those of less intellect and gusto than them. He lives by his own convictions and will hold strong in a crisis.

Water Dragon (1952, 2012)- This dragon is able to set aside his ego if it helps a cause. They are able to adapt well to situations and unlike the other elements, they do not take badly of failure.

Wood Dragon (1964, 2024)- These dragons are creative and is able to work harmoniously with others (he can have off days). This dragon relies on logic more.

Fire Dragon (1916, 1976)- Will expect alot from others around him, but offers alot in return. This dragon has alot of energy. This dragon is a leader and also wants to be viewed highly of.

Earth Dragon (1928, 1988)- This dragon is sociable but will have compulsive need to control his environment. He is more realistic, stable and sometimes impersonal.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weekend plans!

Saturday will be "fun in the sun... under the BOARDWALK"!!!

Yes, Lo and I will be going to beach fun again! We will be going with Kristine and her family =). Lo and I went to Target to get this big red shovel for digging into sand! Kristine already have the buckets and all that other sand building goodies. I think I'll buy some drinks for our picnic. I really want to bring Amber with us, but she has abacus class on Saturdays and I am doubtful that her mom will let her go.

That reminds me, Amber came to visit with her Grandma today so I left school early to see her. It is really rare to have Amber around so I flew home. Took her to Japantown and told her to get whatever she wanted. SO, she picked up a this pencil and in my head, I was thinking "PHEW". Japantown tends to be pricey for a jobless Auntie like me. The cashier rang it up to $17.50!!! Gosh the pencil was so expensive! Ah well, at least she likes it. I didn't have enough with me to take pictures at Pika Pika with her because it was a cash-only establishment. She told me that she will make her Grandma bring her over later this week so we can hang out again! YAY! Being with my niece is a difficult process because she is very very VERY overprotected by her parents. It is for her benefit and I like it, but I do miss her alot. That is why I am so keen on buying stuff for her. I want her to be reminded of me whenever she uses her gifts and know that though I do not see her often, I love her lots. That is the case for Durango and Tila. This also applies to my friends. I cannot wait to finish school this month! I have 200 more long dull hours left to do before I complete my Cosmetology hours!! When I finally have free time, I can hang out with friends. Boy, I miss them.

Monday, June 6, 2011


This blog is a dedication to Kristine! =)

Goodness me! I feel so lucky to have her in my life! She is amazing as a whole! We met at my school and I intend to keep her in my life. I hope so! She gives the best relationship advices ever and saved Lo and I from break up twice. X__X I love her kids! I wish I could steal them because they sooooo CUTE!!!! Their faces are so white and their cheeks are so rosy! I wanna just pinch them and squeeze them! I did that to Durango when he was a chubby baby (saggy cheeks yo!), but he ratted me out to his mom.. SHHESHH! "Mommy, Aunite Alisa bit me!" said 2 year old Durango. I wish that I still have his baby pictures!!!!! My laptop crashed a few times and lost them =(

Kristine is a very selfless person and her personality is pretty cool. I love how open and a free spirit she is. She actually came up to a random guy and told him that he was the best looking guy she ever seen and took pictures with him! She then called her husband to tell him of her recent citing! Her relationship with her husband is what I hope to have. It is ideal to me. There is just so much love, trust, compassion, strength, devotion and a great balance between the two. She has been married for 12 years and has three beautiful kids! With all her endless responsibilities, she is such an amazing mom (her kids are very well behaved too!) and a wonderful wife. All she talks about are her family and I can never be bored of that. I love it! She treats her friends very graciously and generously. I admire her and I adore her.

ps. she spoils me with Choco Gummy! She bought me 7 total within last week and this. I ate them ALL!!!! AND!!! This wonderful girl bought me YUMMY CAKE!!!!! I love cake! Therefore, I Love Kristine!

I LOVE LO TOO! (I think he will be jealous if I don't name him here somewhere! ^__^)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Recommendation: X-men: First Class

Lo and I watched X-Men: First Class today. It was very good! =) The characters and their relationships the movie re-introduced us to were on the spot. There were some humorous scenes and others, sad. The theater was packed for once. Time flew while watching the movie (two hours long). To watch Professor X as a young college student was pretty funny. He had charm and class as well as brain smarts (duh). His weakest point was his strategy to pick up girls!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I LOVE GUMMY CHOCO!!!!!!! The strawberry flavor is my favorite! I also like the mixed fruits and look for strawberry in there.

I think that I will start a game. =) for the next five people to comment my blog, you will be contacted by me and will win a Gummy Choco tube! Your flavor choice will be randomized. SO! COMMENT MY BLOG AND leave your email for me to contact you. =)