Sunday, May 8, 2011

Santa Cruz FUN!!!!

 Beyonce's Sweet Dreams. I really like the slow version of this song. It sounds more sensual and has more depth than when its fast. She's a very beautiful woman, Beyonce. Her hair must be very course from all the bleaching it endures! Unless, her hair is really a weave than her head must weigh alot! My instructor's weave weighs 20lbs and its only shoulder length!

Santa Cruz was super crowded today! Lo and I only stayed at the beach area. I am burned again! But, it was totally worth it =). We went into the waters and it was freezing cold! It took a while to get over the numbing cold (it hurted)! The waves were pretty strong that Lo and I were separated three times and I was knocked down many times. Fun stuff! This was our first time in the water together. The sun was great and warmed us up quickly. My hair looked very nice and had alot of volume after it dried. It must have been the salt in the water. If it wasn't for the sand in my hair, I wouldn't bother washing my hair when I got home because it looked that good =).

After beach fun, we went to the food booth on the Boardwalk. We ordered a small Mountain Dew because we were both parched, this fried cheesecake (tasted awful!), garlic fries (pretty good) and softee ice cream. I like dipping my fries into ice cream, it tastes good to me. Try it one day!

Lo and I got lost on our way to Gilroy Outlet mall. =( Gps ran out of batteries and his phone's 3g connection was horrible! It took us almost two hours to get to our destination. I was grumpy until we stopped into Crabtree and Evelyn for the first time! I LOVE THAT SHOP!!!!! We got his mother Iris scent stuff: soap, lotion, and this bag with bits of every Iris sample. I prefer their Iris, Wisteria, Lilies and Summer Hill scents because they are a bit sweet and subtle. I don't like overpowering smells, mostly because they give me hives. I got my mom three of the four scents I mentioned of soaps. Their boxes are so pretty too! The hand lotion I bought is really rich but light when applied. Love it! I want to go back!!!!! The store clerk was super nice and took alot of time to gift wrap and gave us tons of sample packets! I am a freebie junkie!!! So, Lo and I gave her a $5 tip because she was so sweet! <3

Going to San Jose was a piece of cake because we traveled there so many times before. I think that Bun Hue An Nam lost its flavor. The food seems less in quality since our first visit a few years ago. Every visit since has not lived to expectations. I think it is because they have to make so much in so little time that their broth gets more watered down to meet their demand. The best part of An Nam is their cha! So, Lo and I bought ten of the rolls for home (four for my home,three for his and three for Kristine). Mom likes to freeze them up and save them until she needs it for a meal. =)

Today is Mother's Day! So, Happy Mother's Day!!!!!



  1. Santa Cruz was so fun!!!!!! =). we definitely need to go back! but you have to wear something different hehe. it was a great day! we didn't get lost though silly one! we just took a different route that didn't allow me to speed! lets go back soon! it was so nicey! =]. hehe.

  2. oh and HAPPY 3 YEARS! =)