Thursday, May 19, 2011

Recommendation: Ouran High School Host Club

I just started watching this anime series: Ouran High School Host Club!!! It is sooo CUTE! It actually got me to crack up! I watched this while I was at school and I had to cover my mouth and try to suppress fits of laughter to avoid looking like a lunatic who laughed by herself! +___+

Netflix only has season one!! WAHH There are two seasons to it! The series is about wealthy good looking high school boys who are in this host club. This girl accidentally came in and broke a very expensive vase and has to work for them to pay off the debt. She isn't wealthy like they are. They eventually fall for her but don't realize that they do. The series is really innocent and sweet. =) The characters are really cute! I am thinking about buying the complete series since I can't finish it on Netflix or Hulu. =(


  1. i saw that already! =). long long ago! want me to download it for you? hehe

  2. So true! This really is an awesome anime! It's a must watch anime!!! geezzz..

  3. In case you are not Lo or Chris, please let me know so you get your prize. =)