Sunday, May 22, 2011

Love Chocolate

I am craving for CHOCOLATES!!!!!!!! >) Two of the pictures have links to the recipes. Please make some and send some my way! ^__^

Too bad I can't eat anything chocolate at the moment. I am sick! =( Feel so weak.

for recipe
freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, still hot out of the oven! I like my cookies soft and a bit chewy

warm, moist double or even triple chocolate cake! AHHHH I WANT SOME NOW!

hot double chocolate brownies with vanilla icecream!!!

for recipe

 hot chocolate with whipped cream

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  1. Why do girls eat chocolate and guys drink beer right after breaking up? Because the sweetness of chocolate makes girls forget the bitterness of breaking up while the bitterness of beer makes guys forget the sweetness of the girls.....

    hehe anyways, did you know that chocolate is considered an aphrodisiac? it releases the same chemical that is released in your brain when you fall in love. it has a rich history too!

    "There are people throughout history who also believed in the stimulating qualities of chocolate. In 1624 Johan Franciscus Rauch, a professor in Vienna, condemned chocolate as an inflamer of passions and urged monks not to drink it as he wanted to ban it in the monasteries. It is said that Madame du Barry, courtesan and mistress of Louis XV, always served her lovers a cup of chocolat before they were let in to her bedroom, and that the great lover and alchemist Casanova, who drank his cioccolata at Cafe Florian in Venice, considered chocolate more stimulating than champagne and called it the "elixir of love". Montezuma supposedly drank a cup of chocolate before entering his harem."

    Article Source:

    and it's forbidden to women before! super cool huh?