Tuesday, May 3, 2011



How have you been? Lots happened in between for me. Good life. =)
I did the Easter Egg hunt! It was a bit stressful and sad the day before. Family should not make another family cry. However, that wasn't the case. So that family will not be valued as much as before. The kids had fun though. Next year, I will extend the fun for my friends and their kids!!!! I can't wait! I have so many things planned out! There will be pinatas; some will be filled with candies, toys and others, shaving cream!!! FUN FUN FUN! I hope to have other activities such as egg dyes and egg-on-spoon races. Maybe I will include a water gun/water balloon fight for kicks. Of course, the food will be potluck because I can't provide that much food for so many people alone. I can't wait! Easter hurry and come back! =)))
This year's water balloon fight! Lo did all the work for this. They look like clear avocados. There were 36 balloons for each team. My mom wanted to join in the fun so Lo and I made her go to the kid's side. We aimed at her mostly because it wouldn't be fair to hit little kids. ^__^
Amber was not able to go so Durango's friend came instead. That was what inspired me to allow other kids to come for next year. I didn't want the little ones to get sick because of the game so I had to wear rain coats and boots. They had alot of fun and wanted to play more. However, we ran out of balloons!

Lo, mom and I went biking with Kristine and her family on Sunday. It was really fun and super tiring! All three of our butts still hurt! I haven't biked since elementary school and mom hadn't in 23+ years! My skirt ended up ripping and I ran into two cars and almost hit a jogger! Ah me! Kristine is totally awesome! She had tons of bikes, enough to own a bike shop! Her kids(3) were amazing. They lasted better than me! They are all 7 years old and younger. We biked from Geary, 23rd ave to Golden Gate park and all the way to Ocean beach and back again. It was such a beautiful day too. =) I want to do this again!

For the past few weeks, the song Don't Stop Believing by Journey has been suck in my head. I like Glee's version too! I really like Glee's version of Madonna's Like a Prayer.

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  1. water balloons was fun! too bad it was short lived =(. we'll have more balloon fights in the future! i will buy a super extreme water gun =). or even use a garden hose!