Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hearts Crabtree and Evelyn!!

 I absolutely ADORE Crabtree and Evelyn products!!!! Their hand therapy lotion makes my hands so soft and it smells heavenly. I got the Summerhill scent! I can't wait to go back there for more stuff and this time, it will be for me! The picture on the left was a gift for my mom for mother's day. Its a small box and the colors looks like Christmas huh. >__<

 Inside the box; the very nice sales lady put samples of hand creams and purfumes inside as bonus. I am not a fan of Citron, but La Source isn't so bad.
The three bar soaps! They smell really good! Their packaging looks very pretty huh! ^___^
The samples! I hope they make Iris scented hand lotions soon!


This bag was big and was for Lo's mother. =) I didn't have a chance to properly take photos of the items we bought for his mom. Oh well!
 The inside of the bag was so pretty! I love it! What a nice suprise to see bright colorful fruits and things inside of a plain exterior.
We got her Iris scented soap, baggy samples (body and hand lotion, shower gel, shower wash, and perfume), and a larger sized body lotion. =) The bag was filled with small samples like my mom's too!

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  1. hi darling! reading your blog and commenting as promised! =). i'm bored at home. miss you lots. think i am gonna go play tetris after writing this hehe. tetris is so awesome! anyways, i'm glad you like their product! the smell of summer hill actually smells nice! and thank you for getting my mom the gifts! miss you lots! hope you're doing well! we'll go back to Gilroy soon to finish exploring what they have to offer! too bad, we had to leave early =(. 1 whole day wasn't enough huh? no worries darling! we'll be back =).