Saturday, May 21, 2011



She's really cute in person as she is in this picture! I recall her extreme mesmerization of this water bottle dispenser! She went up the the machine and pressed the button for the paying customer, totally oblivious to her surroundings. No siree, she isn't shy at all!

Lo and I took Durango to her birthday so he could make new friends. There were lots of kids and all around his age. I gave him chow mien and this other noodle and some broccoli to eat. I was super careful to watch out for any signs of eggs or wheat (he's allergic to them)! After quickly consuming the contents on his plate, he played and made friends. Lo and I watched from a distance. He was fine until around 2pm. I saw him crunched down and that was so unlike him. I hurried to him and saw him sweaty and wheezing. Lo watched over him at Kristine's house while I ran to find any store that sold Benadryl. When I came back, he was alot worse! It was horrible! He took the medicine and slowly started to breathe normally. He then started crying and complaining of extreme itchiness. OMGG!!! I felt so bad! I never wanted to be the one to harm him in any way and I did! I was the one to bring him to a party, fed him food that got him ill. I also felt so guilty and so bad for ruining Jaylianna's party! HORRIBLE HORRIBLE! Lo and I took him home where he slept. Poor guy! =( I don't think his parents will ever trust me again. His dad told me after I told him of the events, that chow mien noodles are made with eggs...
Picture of Durango before the allergic attack. Kristine's photo skills are pretty cool! She caught him hitting the ball! Ball is still in the air and the batting stand flying in the air, after being knocked over!

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  1. Kristine does take really good pictures. Glad that you found such a good friend.