Monday, May 30, 2011

Hair splinters vs. Tweezerman

I think the worse part of the hair industry is: getting hair splinters!!!! They hurt and they are so tiny that its hard to get them out without pushing them deeper into my skin. This happens whenever I cut men's hairs (thick and course). So far, the most strangest place for hair splinter was on my nose! Lucky me, I bought Tweezerman's pointed tweezer to pull those suckers out.

Tweezerman brand is great because they offer a life-time guarantee of quality! =) So if my tweezers become dull at some point, I will send it to them for sharpening =) YAY!


  1. super dehydrated! +). just drank lots of water hehe. i woke up drinking lots of water TOO! nothing to do with tweezerman, but yeah... =). T_T glad you're happy with tweezerman.. see? sounds weird! not commenting this one!

  2. i have always loved tweezerman. the last one i had lasted forever: well, that is until i dropped it.