Monday, May 9, 2011

Dreams of future salon

After a few years of learning and crafting my hair cutting and hair coloring skills, I would love to own my own salon. A name has already been picked out! I intend to have six stations, three back shampoo bowls, three hair dryers+chairs, two manicure tables, and maybe a facial/waxing bed. I do not want to do pedicures because feet seems dirty to me. However, if there is any request for it, I will oblige, but I will not get those big pedicure chairs. Five of the six hair stations will be open for renting or for hiring spots. I hope to have experience and most of all, fun, friendly and loyal stylists.

The look I want for my future salon is something I am not sure of. I want it to look clean and gender neutral because I do not want only women or only men. I want all types of hairs coming in for service.

The picture on the left is very close to what I like. I do want another color in that picture and that is green. I want a nice pastel green to bring in an earthy feel.

There will be floral arrangements in my salon for sure! I will do the arranging as my side hobby. =) That would be great. Clients will be offered drinks like bottled water, juice, coffee, tea or if I feel like it, smoothies! I can make tasty smoothies after working at Lee's Sandwiches for three years. =) The drinks will vary according to the weather, my mood and to what I have in stock. I think its nice to get on a personal level with clients because it builds trust, comfort and a place where they feel welcomed and above all, beautiful/handsome. That is what I try to do whenever I service in school. My clients come back to me lots! They remember my name, but I don't remember theirs.+__+ bad me! There are just so many people that names are harder to remember for me. I remember their faces though! 

Where will the location be? Why in San Francisco of course! I love my city! I do think about moving elsewhere, but when it comes down to it, I don't think I would. Lo's and my family resides in San Francisco. I do not want to part from the people who are my foundation. But, I fancy living in Hawaii if my family would follow. =)

I am super sleepy so today I shall sleep early. Good night!



  1. keep your dreams alive beautiful! =). you're definitely a dreamer! if you follow your dreams, you'll get there! and i will be there to help you whenever you need! LOVE YOU! i'm sure you'll be successful and have a super awesome interior design of your new salon =).

  2. I agree...aim high and work hard...that is the secret to success.