Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Colors of the rain

Walked my baby after school today after the pouring stopped. Thanks Kristine for picking me up and driving me home to avoid the heavy showers! =)

I love the colors of nature during light sprinkles of rain, as what happened during our walk. Mind you, I took these photos with my phone so no justice was done for these roses. The yellow popped out and made my mood cheery.
I don't know what is the name for this flower, but I really like it. In person, this flower looks unique and pretty. It is not spikey..
 I adore the colors of foxgloves. They are in season I suppose since I see many around the city. That is Andre in the background waiting for me to finish taking the picture. =)
I totally forgotten the name of this!!! There is another version of this as well and both are one of my favorites.
The look and colors of these succulents are awesome! I love succulents! There are many variations as well and all are really interesting to look at. They tend to grow in masses and are very easy to grow. They require little effort on the gardener's part.
New Zealand Tea Tree have vibrant flowers when bloomed. Otherwise, they look dead to me. I have seen a really awesome tree with full blooming flowers! Alas, it is not in my doggy walking path.
The wind was blowing, but this was how bold the color of the New Zealand tea tree was.

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  1. Leptospermum, foxgloves! i know them all! pro yo! hope you were warm though!!!! that looks like a lot of wind!!!