Thursday, May 19, 2011

About me =)

I was bored so I decided to fill out a questionnaire. It sure took a while since I was watching movie at the same time. ^___^

100 Questions
The Basics
Name: Alisa
Age: 22
Month of birth: December
Any Siblings?: nope. I really wanted an older brother and younger sister but that's out of the question now. =(
Parents still married?: Yup
Occupation: Student
Do you like your job?: not really. I go to school 40 hours a week and that gives no time for actual working!
Any pets?: YES! My baby dog Andre and a 10+ year old turtle
Hair color: brown/black with red undertones
Eye color:
Any Tattoos?: none. I do want one someday, but only when I find an image that has meaning to me.
Any Piercings?: 6 ^_^
Current mood: content. No Lo so I am definitely not jolly
Current wardobe choice: pjs. I am home now and want to be as comfy as possible =)
What are you listening to?: I am watching Greys Anatomy now while blogging so their conversations are my "music" now.
Who did you last speak with on the phone?: Lo
What do you currently smell like?: Summerhill by Crabtree and Evelyn
Movie you watched: Fast Five
Magazine you looked at: Glamour
Thing you ate: Mom's version of Thai style minced chicken with mint
Book you read: my text book
T.v. show you watched: Greys Anatomy
Time you cried: hmm maybe last month?
Took a shower: an hour ago
Got a real letter (a.k.a Snail Mail): golly miss molly! That was months ago! I do not recall when though
Ate at a restaurant (not fast food): Yesterday with Lo at the Cable Car! =) It was burgers but it wasn't fast food.
CD you bought: Christina A.'s Back to Basics
What is/was....
The best thing to happen to you today?: Kristine's gaming skills were hilarious! +)
Your most prized possession: Lo and baby Andre
Your first vehicle: None! =(
Your current vehicle: None! +(
Your favorite quote: Do onto others as you would want to you.
You bedtime (on average): 1am
Your best trait/characteristic: I am friendly
Your worst trait/characteristic: my impatience
Do You....
Store things under your bed: Yup! My bed has drawers under them.
Daydream: YES! All the time.. it keeps me from dying of boredom as an only child. I was very sheltered too!
Have a computer at home: I use a laptop
Live in the city, suburbs or country: City girl!
Live in a home, apartment, duples or mobile home: I think I live in a condo.. but I am not sure. >__<
Own a cell phone: yes!!
Have a good luck charm: I shake Andre's paws every morning before I leave for good luck. =)
Collect anything: gift wrapping stuff (paper, ribbons, tags, decor) and greeting cards! I like the handmade stuff. OH! And I also collect the books I read.
Attend high school or college: I go to a trade school then will go back to college for some more skill work. Floristry!
Make good grades: I have been slacking off..
Have You Ever....
Had a surgery?: yea. My ears were infected as a child so I had one surgery for each ear. I remember being so angry at my parents for leaving me and letting strangers take me.
Had teeth pulled?: of course. Seriously, who hasn't?
Broke the law intentionally: I stole two key chains when I was a kid because I really wanted it. I still have them too! I am kinda proud to still have it, bad huh. =X
Ran away from home?: Nope
Broke a bone?: My nose bone! I was disfigured for mother's day last year!
Cheated on a test/exam: During high school, it was so easy to.
Had a friend pass away: No, and I am very grateful for that!
Been issued a citation/traffic ticket: Unfortunately! =( I was driving Lo to his jury duty and I was pulled over! I think it was 500$ fine. =(
Been in an auto accident: Yup! Cars tend to hit Lo's car many times.
Lied to someone: Yes, my parents. =(
Been lied to: Yup =(
Your Favorite....
Place to be: at home with Lo.
Place to visit: At Santa Cruz Boardwalk with Lo. Beach fun or riding roller coasters! FUN!
Place to chill: on the couch
Non-Alcoholic drink: MILK TEA!!!!! <3
Alcoholic drink: anything with a fruity sugary flavor =)
Type of food: Thai food is yummy to my tummy
Meal/Food dish: Mom's cooking!
Dessert: Mousse cakes
Shampoo & Conditioner: John Freida
Toothpaste: I honestly have no idea what brand!
Salad dressing: I suppose Italian
Ice cream: Mint chocolate chip!
Fast food establishment: In and Out
Color: different shades of green
Season: Fall! The colors are so beautiful then!
Holiday: Thanksgiving. My family gets together for this holiday
Perfume/Cologne: I use babyphat's goddess since high school
Video Game: none. I did play Haypi Kingdom while ago
T.V. show: Castle, Greys Anatomy, Glee, How I Met Your Mother
Smells: Floral but not too strong!
Article of clothing: I love jackets and now I have a liking to ruffled skirts. =)
Book: Mystery, Historical fiction, Romance
Children's Book: Harry Potter!!!!
Candy: Dove chocolates
Car: I want SUV!!!!
Do You Believe....
In Karma: Its about luck and chance
In God: nope, no offense
In Heaven & Hell: nope. I believe that I will become nothing after I die. Life is just for the now.
That aliens exist (extraterrestrial variety, not illegal aliens): nope
That ghosts exist: nope... I hope not! >__<
In horoscopes: I like to believe in it, but I know that its not real.
In others you know (family, friends, co-workers etc): Yes!
In yourself: Yes
Your Opinion....
On the death penalty: yes, there are some people the world is better without.
On reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in schools: I respect it. I am an American and am darn proud of it!
On homosexuals in the military: I do not believe in discrimination. I am a firm believer of love. Gender is nothing. My baby is gay and I am a proud mother of a gay dog! After almost three years of walking him, I notice that many other male dogs are the same. They do not care about gender and jump at anything that walks. x_x
The war in the Middle East: I do not agree, however, catching Bin Ladin was a great fleet!
Schwarzeneggar...Governor or Terminator: I do not know of his policies nor ever watched his movies. What I do not like is a cheating husband! ring on it, set and sealed!


  1. hehe this was cute to read =]. miss you silly pie! i'll make one when i have time so you can read it! i am hungry right now though! need to shower too! ><. hope you're well! love you!

  2. wow now i know like everything about u :))