Friday, April 1, 2011

Red Lobster

OH DEAR!!!!!! Melody and I left school yesterday and went to the roof of her husband's dealership to enjoy the sun. We laid out there for almost 5-6 hours; I drifted in and out of sleep. I am still RED as a freaking lobster! It hurts! The bad part is: I am red on my arms and my neck area! The rest of me is still white as paper. It looks so bad =(

But, overall, I really enjoyed the sun yesterday and would do it again, but next time with sun screen and less clothing. OH! And maybe a pillow. I will go check out the roof of my building after this post to see if it is safe to lay out there.

I can see change in Melody's demeanor. She is not stressed out anymore! =) I can totally see happiness radiating from her =)

That reminds me, my friend Winnie told me that her dinner at Red Lobster yesterday was really good. I want to go there to try now!


  1. hmmm i'm kinda hungry! where would you like to eat this week? i can't wait to go watch fast five with you =).

  2. You studying to be a cosmetologist should know better than to lay in the sun, damaging your beautiful skin!!!!

  3. you studying to be a cosmetologist should know better than to damage your beautiful porcelain skin!!!