Monday, April 4, 2011

International College of Cosmetology- AVOID

I am very angry with my school! YUP! Another problem again with that place! I was actually proud and wanted to show my friend, Meuy, where I am learning my nails and hair crafting and the employees at the school let me down. They embarrassed me and made my friend feel unwelcomed. This was the possibly worst situation ever because I wanted to show what this school did for me, in a good light. I had used my own nail polishes and my own tools to do Meuy's nails. The only thing I used from the school was a piece of paper towel. That, I could easily replace for them. They however, kept hovering and made both my friend and I feel uncomfortable. They then made me pay for my own service. I would be more understanding if I had used their products, but I did not. It would have been more understandable if I had used their nail stations, but I did not. We were at the back of the school, at no man's land and kept to ourselves. Never again will any of my friends step foot inside the school and never again will I ever compliment the school. It is a horrible place of learning! I did not learn ANY nail design from the school's instructors but from other students. The school taught me very little. My kind classmates taught me more. My pride (what little I had) for attending this school has been completely ruined.

If any potential cosmetology students want to go to this school, tread carefully. The tuition may be low, but the education from here is extremely poor! Instead of teaching, they run the school as if the students were their workers. Students pay to be taught! But, in their institution, the students work for the school to make money. They value clients and force students to tend to dirty clients with questionable odor and grim on their hairs. When we decline, we get scolded and lectured. The school should cater to the students! This is NOT the case for this school!

The school will soon be under new management and I hope the change will be for the better. However, the current owner is also the same owner as the one in Oakland, under the same name. It is a horrible school! Stay away! The owner is horrible! I have recorded the owner's speech, Jimmy Leung, and he has yet to abide to them. HORRIBLE!

San Francisco Location:
1224 Polk St
San Francisco, CA 94109

Oakland Location:
3701 International Blvd
Oakland, CA 94620


  1. Alisa, You NEED to leave a YELP rating with this post as it's comment. More people check yelp than they do your post, right? Do it do it do it!

    It's a shame, but remember that at the very least you need their diploma.

    Mars hey... it does let me post....

  2. hate your school! you're almost out of that place though! my hunny! keep up the good work! be good and cut less! do work so you won't have to stay in there! =).