Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hello! I haven't been able to post anything up because my laptop doesn't load blogspot lately. So,


Typing via iPhone is not ideal so this post will be short. I have lots of new topics to bring up but the inability to type freely is dampening my groove. I hope you all have a great day! I need to ask lo to fix this problem asap!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I ordered him an ice-cream cake! Vegan! No eggs and no wheat so he won't get an allergic! Yayy!!! His first cake! He never eaten a cake before so I am uber excited!

Update and picture later. I amcurrently at school.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Yelp review for the school

"I am still currently enrolled in this school and dread each day coming. It didn’t use to be like this. I used to look forward to school until January. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy the creativity of the industry and I love it when my clients are happy. My favorite part of this school experience is to know that my clients like what I did for them and come back [to me]. I built solid relationships with all here: my classmates (who are now my very good friends), my instructors and my own clients. 

What is wrong with this school? The owner, Jimmy Leung. He makes the school such an oppressive place. The energy of the school has been lately, filled with dread and a deadening air. When I first came to the school, it had more freedom. That allowed us to build a foundation of friendship that made the school fun and more educational. These friendships were beneficial because each student and teacher brought something to the table of learning. Whether it be nail designs, hair cutting techniques or study information, I would not have learned so much otherwise. Some of the students were educated in other countries prior to coming to the states so they can show newbies like me more than just State Board standards. 

This school ONLY teaches the basics to pass the state board exam. No demonstrations of different hairstyles are taught. No extra learning is given to give us advantage when we graduate. We learn individually on the floor as opposed to knowing different styling techniques before hand as a group. This isn't unfair for others who do not get a chance to experience assorted styles. This school is Jimmy’s branch from Oakland and there is a lacking of equality education. In Oakland, they teach how to do gel nails. Here, the instructors are not allowed to teach “advance” skills. My classmate taught me how to do French manicures instead (instructors do not teach beyond Stateboard). 
There is only one instructor for each shift (two shifts). I admire and appreciate each instructor for not only teaching me and all the students, but they have to do other miscellaneous tasks as well (reception, on the floor, prep for state board, rules and regulations, all student's questions, maintenance, stocking, laundry and so much more). They both (two instructors) are understanding and patient to each student. Each have solid background of the beauty industry and it's beyond me as to why they put up with this owner. I have seen the disrespect the owner shows toward them. 

I personally feel that Jimmy treats his own clients, the students, like his own sweat shop workers. I am not the only one to feel this way. We students pay him money for education but he treats us with the same respect as one would for cattle. Though, cows are more valued in this case than us lowly students. He belittled me and was very condensing while he wrote up a warning and told me that he will remove me from the school if I wore jeans again. To expel me for wearing jeans is something I cannot understand. Had I vandalized the school, stole property or hit another person in this school, I would totally understand his wanting to kick me from the school. But, for merely jeans, this I do not understand. 

 I had to sign the paper, that I did not agree to, so that I could continue practicing my acrylic nail application before he interrupted me. He used me as scapegoat for other students. Instead of being "caring" as he said he was, he showed no emotion of the sort. When students decline to service clients, they are clocked out as punishment. I quote him from a recording of his speech in January, "I care about my students"... "I want you to be proud of this school". He does not care. Our concerns for the school were voiced to him and he has made promises to address them. Nothing was done to fix the problems since January. The plugs are still broken by some stations. The supplies for the school (shampoo, conditioners, color remover, etc.) are usually short of and takes very long to restock. Only one instructor per shift is not enough! That was voiced many, many times and still there has been no change. I am not proud to go to this school. I am ashamed to attend here and depend on this man for my education. I brought my friend to my school on Monday because I wanted to show her what I could do. I was prideful of what I learned here. My friend was treated like she was a criminal by the receptionist. I regret bringing my friend and never again will I boost the school (at least, until a different owner takes over). 

For prospective students of the beauty industry, wait a month (on May) to apply to this school. The new owner is down to earth and anyone will be better than our current tyrant of a principal. The friends you will make here will be lifetime (I hope). The instructors are helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. The people we service for are usually very friendly and understandable. We are students and this is a place to learn so they do not mind the time we take to get their hair right! Plus, we get to keep the tips given to us, which is great to save up for better tools upon graduating. 

Consider all I typed above considering attending this school. For future clients, we as students strive to make you happy. For me at least, my goal is customer satisfaction and nothing less. However, students learn from mistakes as I do learn from mine. Thank you for reading."

My yelp review. I made an account purposely for this case. Jimmy Leung hurted me alot yesterday and I will not allow him to abuse me in silence! I told all of the students in the school so they know what this man did to me and would do to them. I do not take unjust lightly and he is a very discriminatory man who lacks respect for others. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

International College of Cosmetology- AVOID

I am very angry with my school! YUP! Another problem again with that place! I was actually proud and wanted to show my friend, Meuy, where I am learning my nails and hair crafting and the employees at the school let me down. They embarrassed me and made my friend feel unwelcomed. This was the possibly worst situation ever because I wanted to show what this school did for me, in a good light. I had used my own nail polishes and my own tools to do Meuy's nails. The only thing I used from the school was a piece of paper towel. That, I could easily replace for them. They however, kept hovering and made both my friend and I feel uncomfortable. They then made me pay for my own service. I would be more understanding if I had used their products, but I did not. It would have been more understandable if I had used their nail stations, but I did not. We were at the back of the school, at no man's land and kept to ourselves. Never again will any of my friends step foot inside the school and never again will I ever compliment the school. It is a horrible place of learning! I did not learn ANY nail design from the school's instructors but from other students. The school taught me very little. My kind classmates taught me more. My pride (what little I had) for attending this school has been completely ruined.

If any potential cosmetology students want to go to this school, tread carefully. The tuition may be low, but the education from here is extremely poor! Instead of teaching, they run the school as if the students were their workers. Students pay to be taught! But, in their institution, the students work for the school to make money. They value clients and force students to tend to dirty clients with questionable odor and grim on their hairs. When we decline, we get scolded and lectured. The school should cater to the students! This is NOT the case for this school!

The school will soon be under new management and I hope the change will be for the better. However, the current owner is also the same owner as the one in Oakland, under the same name. It is a horrible school! Stay away! The owner is horrible! I have recorded the owner's speech, Jimmy Leung, and he has yet to abide to them. HORRIBLE!

San Francisco Location:
1224 Polk St
San Francisco, CA 94109

Oakland Location:
3701 International Blvd
Oakland, CA 94620

2.11 ^___^


He got me LOTS of yummy cake!!!!! <3
Yummy stuff! Cakes from Schubert's are my favorite! Their mousse cakes are the best!!! Tiramisu, Swedish Princess, Neapolitan, double and triple chocolates!!! YUM YUM YUM! My Lo got me two of each: tiramisu, Swedish Princess, double chocolate and chocolate truffle. I ate three of them already within a few hours! X__X it was worth it..!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Quetzal's Coffee!!!

Quetzal Internet Cafe

I want Quetzal's iced vanilla mocha (double shot espresso)! OR their (not on the menu) chocolate overload! They may be a tad more pricy than Starbucks, but I perfer their coffee drinks better. It is more stronger and tastes better. AND! I rank their whip cream numero uno! Starbuck's whipcream cannot compare to theirs! My classmates and I frequent the cafe alot, as it is next door to our school. The baristas there are super friendly and they always add tons of whip cream for me! I get really bummed when they run out or forget. =)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Red Lobster

OH DEAR!!!!!! Melody and I left school yesterday and went to the roof of her husband's dealership to enjoy the sun. We laid out there for almost 5-6 hours; I drifted in and out of sleep. I am still RED as a freaking lobster! It hurts! The bad part is: I am red on my arms and my neck area! The rest of me is still white as paper. It looks so bad =(

But, overall, I really enjoyed the sun yesterday and would do it again, but next time with sun screen and less clothing. OH! And maybe a pillow. I will go check out the roof of my building after this post to see if it is safe to lay out there.

I can see change in Melody's demeanor. She is not stressed out anymore! =) I can totally see happiness radiating from her =)

That reminds me, my friend Winnie told me that her dinner at Red Lobster yesterday was really good. I want to go there to try now!