Saturday, March 12, 2011

Plannings of April

I am currently thinking up ideas for my newly en-stabled annual Easter Egg Hunt for Amber and Durango! =) I did this scavenger hunt last year and it was pretty fun and want to do another so they will have a fun childhood with me to remember when they are older. This year I would like to try puzzle pieces inside the eggs and make it more challenging mentally for them to figure out. I want to stimulate their brain during the time of fun =). Right now, I am planning that the backs of each puzzle piece will have a dot and when all the pieces are connected, we will flip the puzzle and see a connect the dots board. The finished image will be a map to where there prize is located! All this is my idea mind you. I spend my time in Walgreen looking for creativity during my break time from school. When I have everything done, I will post pictures and explain how to before Easter.

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