Friday, March 4, 2011

Opi Black Shatter Polish

I just bought this today and WOWW!!! Watching this polish break off into cool patterns is niffty! I forgotten to take pictures of my experiments and left the bottle at school.. I won't be able to get it until Monday.

Really! This is really cool stuff! The base color should be a desired color and then paint one coat of the shatter polish after its dried.

Brands like Zoya, Opi and Essie are for retail and do not contain those harmful cancerous chemicals. I find that Zoya polishes are more condensed, which is a good thing because it requires one or two coatings only. Essie is more liquid and needs more applications on the nails. Opi has more color choices. =) I also like China Glaze, but am not completely sure if it is cancerous-chemical-free. China Glaze is a bit cheaper and has more glittery options.
 My experiments!

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