Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Melody's gift!

Just placed an order for Melody's wedding gift. 51.79 dollars! O_o She is registered at Macy's. I really wanted to get her the Martha Stewart spice rack set that cost 70-80bucks.. but it was already claimed! So, the next best thing was the kitchen utensil set. =) Its really cool how stores offer registry options. It beats scrambling around to find the gift while not knowing what the couple really wants. Anyway, I hope her gift comes quickly! I am having it sent to my home so I can wrap it up! Her wedding is in 11 days!!!!


I didn't like school today. Ms. Vicki keeps stirring up trouble and causing a scene. I understand where she is coming from (she lost her authority because of all the changes and uncertainty in the school), but she was literally up on students faces yelling at them. That was out of line. She didn't leave room for open discussion but shoots down opinions and disrespects other instructors and the owners of the school. I am angry at her for making me move to another station where hair is everywhere. I will not be responsible for any fines if the state board administrator comes to inspect! No way! Maybe this is her off day. She is entitled to some because she is human after all. I hope this passes and the school's vibe will be better.

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