Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tastespotting is amazing!!!

I am in school now. X_X please let it pass by quickly. I am feeling very tired and sleepy. This is my fault of course. I have been lacking sleep for a few weeks now. I blame netflix! Movies galore! And!!! My hobby during the nights is to browse through tastespotting. It is a great place to get my tastebuds to go hyperactive and my tummy rumbling. There are many contributors and most have recipes on how to cook them. I used this website to find out how to make "my" legendary hot and sour soup and Tom yum soup! Yummy! Tastespotting is my secret that I share to you ^_^

Here is the link to the hot and sour soup. It is from Closet Cooking. I prefer this version best and it tastes great! This picture is directly from the blog. I claim no ownership whatsoever.

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