Thursday, March 24, 2011

Flowers and Gifts

HELLO! Melody's wedding is coming up! In only two days!!! WOWERS! I was feeling very nervous, but now I am happy! The reason why I was nervous was because I was going to help do the flower arrangements for her wedding and I didn't want to mess it up! Sure, I took classes and did some designing, but I did not feel confident enough to do it for a friend's wedding! I don't want to be the person who messes up a friend's wedding!!! Well, I got home at almost 9pm today. It took me 7 hours to finish all my part! That did not include the time to go with her and her husband to buy the flowers. The total cost of the flowers was almost $300. It is not so bad considering that going to a florist would cost 3-5x that price. Melody did all the bouquets because I never did that before. Plus, it helped distracted her from watching me arrange! It makes me nervous when people watch me be creative; it feels like I am under pressure.

 This is their gift! It was a speedy delivery =) The wrapping's colors symbolizes royalty. The roses were made by me out of ribbon. I added the beads to bring in a different texture.

Wrapped by me!
Roses made by me too!

This is the boutonniere. I don't really like it because it looks so simple. I wished the roses were smaller so I could have used them instead. We were not certain and had chosen the bigger roses instead. Though, it worked out for other arrangements.
What flowers were used for this: Chrysanthemum, hyperberries (can't see it really because its just for transition and not meant to pop out), and ribbon. =)
I made six of them (well, eight, but two of them fell apart because the petals were too delicate so I had to make more). I sure hope they last until Saturday because they don't have a water source now! They are being refrigerated and misted with water at the moment.


This is the arrangement for the bride and groom's table. They will have two on their table. I really like their arrangement best because it has more to it. There are more flowers and more flow, as it should be because they are important. I made these last.
A center piece for the guests' tables. Melody made the cards and the card stands. She did so much for this wedding! All of the flowers were her pickings and all I did was put them together. Mind you, arranging them was not easy because I wanted everything to flow. She wanted 3 irises for each vase so I had to put them in carefully so they blend.
 All the arrangements on the table. =) I didn't get to take better photos because it was getting late and I had to go home. I can't wait until the tulips bloosom! They were still buds and that was why it appears more green than it should.

Centerpieces: green hyperium, blue irises, white tulips

Melody and I worked on this together. This will be for her guest book table and where the gifts will be placed.

I will definately take pictures during her wedding! I hope it doesn't rain!

She and John stuffed my purse with a thank you card and money! (X__X). I didn't take the money but only the card. It was my gift for her, my service. Plus, friends don't charge friends. At least, that isn't my style.

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