Sunday, March 6, 2011

flies in my wallet

Dear Alisa,

Please stop spending money. You are down to your last 40bucks and you don't have a job!

Your wallet

( X______x ) 

I am so bummed! Just checked my bank account the other day and my money.. almost all gone!!!!! How am I suppose to pay for my Dermalogica facial kit now?? Its $250!! I suppose I can give facial treatments and charge people, but I am not licensed yet!! AND the kit I bought is for normal skin only! What if the people have oily skin? It would be illegal to offer facial services for fees anyway. oh woe is me! I just printed 6 copies of my resume and will look for a night job tomorrow. I do not have time during the day because of school. I MUST! This is so bad. Wish me luck!

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