Saturday, March 26, 2011

Brooks' Wedding!


Melody added lemon slices into the vases =) Very pretty touch to it. The flowers bloomed, lifted and moved after I arranged them Thursday!! They didn't look uniformed or to my liking! =( AHHH!!! Some of the guest table's arrangements had tulips sticking out awkwardly! Ah well.. I really wished I was able to fix them. This is the guest book table. Those blue booklets contain Celtic horoscopes. =)

The backs of the chair. I really like the stash; it looks soft and shimmery. It suits the mood well. There was a glow in the room and happy tears during ceremony. I was getting misty eyed during their couple dance.
My salmon was delicious! The lemon made a great difference.

I didn't get to take a picture of their cake, but Lo did. It looked very beautiful! (^_^)! It tasted yummy too! Chocolate is muy awesome! Melody sketched out how she wanted her cake to look too!

 My coffee. Lo spilled creme all over his pants because he didn't know what it was; he thought it was empty. OH DEAR!
Lo and I had our first drinks together here at the wedding! Shirley Temples (sweet!) and champagne to toast to the couple.

Their wedding was really emotional and really personal. I admired that alot. Asian weddings are usually really big and most times, the couple do not know most of the people invited. I will go into that later.
This is their card from Lo, Selenge and I. I chose this card because of the tree leaves and the space it had for my customization. Since Melody likes Hello Kitty, I did that for her. I used the Hello Kitty pencil she gave me! BAHAHA.. This is my sketching of how I wanted it to look.
This is the finished product! Looks nice huh! The card looks so Asian! I used gel pens to outline everything to make the card pop out more. It looks alot better in person because it shines.

 This is the envelope for the card. It was all white so I did this to flow with my gift wrapping. =)
I got this pair of flats at Pay-less yesterday for the wedding. I can wear these babies anytime too! Sweet deal.

Seeing Melody so happy today was amazing. I am SOO happy for her and I wish her all the best! She is a wifey!!! She was beautiful today and glowed. I never saw her smile so much until today. This is her wedding; she did almost everything. From the food choices, vendors (dj, pictures), guest book, wishbox, color themes, horoscope booklets, guest flavors, flowers and all the nooks and crannies of it all, she planned it. It was a success!

Lo and I did get lost going to the wedding location.. (X__X) We were a bit late but very grateful that they started late too! PHEW! The gps kept saying that we arrived to the location, but there was nothing but water there! We kept going around and around for it. I called Candy couple times to ask for help but she didn't pick up. Oh well, it all worked out.

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