Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tastespotting is amazing!!!

I am in school now. X_X please let it pass by quickly. I am feeling very tired and sleepy. This is my fault of course. I have been lacking sleep for a few weeks now. I blame netflix! Movies galore! And!!! My hobby during the nights is to browse through tastespotting. It is a great place to get my tastebuds to go hyperactive and my tummy rumbling. There are many contributors and most have recipes on how to cook them. I used this website to find out how to make "my" legendary hot and sour soup and Tom yum soup! Yummy! Tastespotting is my secret that I share to you ^_^

Here is the link to the hot and sour soup. It is from Closet Cooking. I prefer this version best and it tastes great! This picture is directly from the blog. I claim no ownership whatsoever.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

PediPaws Trimmer!

I use this for my baby Andre! Clipping his nails was a scary thing for me because he used to wince and cry and frankly, I feared hurting him. I took him to the vet to get his nails trimmed when he was a puppy and each time, they made him bleed. I saw this product on an infomercial and got it for $19.99. The directions says to make gradual steps to introduce the trimmer to my baby. I did. This took a day to make it work. At first he ran away, but I put it on his bed at night and later, the next morning, I turned it on and put them near his paws so he understands that it won't harm him. He was frightened by the sounds, but got over it soon enough. So I proceeded to hold him and take it slow. Now he comes to me willingly to get his nails trimmed! He just lies there with his paws up in the air. I trust him to yank his paws away if I get too close to the bleeding point. I took out the guard of the trimmer to get better angles. This is a great save of money! It beats paying $20 each visit to the groomers to get his nails trimmed!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Brooks' Wedding!


Melody added lemon slices into the vases =) Very pretty touch to it. The flowers bloomed, lifted and moved after I arranged them Thursday!! They didn't look uniformed or to my liking! =( AHHH!!! Some of the guest table's arrangements had tulips sticking out awkwardly! Ah well.. I really wished I was able to fix them. This is the guest book table. Those blue booklets contain Celtic horoscopes. =)

The backs of the chair. I really like the stash; it looks soft and shimmery. It suits the mood well. There was a glow in the room and happy tears during ceremony. I was getting misty eyed during their couple dance.
My salmon was delicious! The lemon made a great difference.

I didn't get to take a picture of their cake, but Lo did. It looked very beautiful! (^_^)! It tasted yummy too! Chocolate is muy awesome! Melody sketched out how she wanted her cake to look too!

 My coffee. Lo spilled creme all over his pants because he didn't know what it was; he thought it was empty. OH DEAR!
Lo and I had our first drinks together here at the wedding! Shirley Temples (sweet!) and champagne to toast to the couple.

Their wedding was really emotional and really personal. I admired that alot. Asian weddings are usually really big and most times, the couple do not know most of the people invited. I will go into that later.
This is their card from Lo, Selenge and I. I chose this card because of the tree leaves and the space it had for my customization. Since Melody likes Hello Kitty, I did that for her. I used the Hello Kitty pencil she gave me! BAHAHA.. This is my sketching of how I wanted it to look.
This is the finished product! Looks nice huh! The card looks so Asian! I used gel pens to outline everything to make the card pop out more. It looks alot better in person because it shines.

 This is the envelope for the card. It was all white so I did this to flow with my gift wrapping. =)
I got this pair of flats at Pay-less yesterday for the wedding. I can wear these babies anytime too! Sweet deal.

Seeing Melody so happy today was amazing. I am SOO happy for her and I wish her all the best! She is a wifey!!! She was beautiful today and glowed. I never saw her smile so much until today. This is her wedding; she did almost everything. From the food choices, vendors (dj, pictures), guest book, wishbox, color themes, horoscope booklets, guest flavors, flowers and all the nooks and crannies of it all, she planned it. It was a success!

Lo and I did get lost going to the wedding location.. (X__X) We were a bit late but very grateful that they started late too! PHEW! The gps kept saying that we arrived to the location, but there was nothing but water there! We kept going around and around for it. I called Candy couple times to ask for help but she didn't pick up. Oh well, it all worked out.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Flowers and Gifts

HELLO! Melody's wedding is coming up! In only two days!!! WOWERS! I was feeling very nervous, but now I am happy! The reason why I was nervous was because I was going to help do the flower arrangements for her wedding and I didn't want to mess it up! Sure, I took classes and did some designing, but I did not feel confident enough to do it for a friend's wedding! I don't want to be the person who messes up a friend's wedding!!! Well, I got home at almost 9pm today. It took me 7 hours to finish all my part! That did not include the time to go with her and her husband to buy the flowers. The total cost of the flowers was almost $300. It is not so bad considering that going to a florist would cost 3-5x that price. Melody did all the bouquets because I never did that before. Plus, it helped distracted her from watching me arrange! It makes me nervous when people watch me be creative; it feels like I am under pressure.

 This is their gift! It was a speedy delivery =) The wrapping's colors symbolizes royalty. The roses were made by me out of ribbon. I added the beads to bring in a different texture.

Wrapped by me!
Roses made by me too!

This is the boutonniere. I don't really like it because it looks so simple. I wished the roses were smaller so I could have used them instead. We were not certain and had chosen the bigger roses instead. Though, it worked out for other arrangements.
What flowers were used for this: Chrysanthemum, hyperberries (can't see it really because its just for transition and not meant to pop out), and ribbon. =)
I made six of them (well, eight, but two of them fell apart because the petals were too delicate so I had to make more). I sure hope they last until Saturday because they don't have a water source now! They are being refrigerated and misted with water at the moment.


This is the arrangement for the bride and groom's table. They will have two on their table. I really like their arrangement best because it has more to it. There are more flowers and more flow, as it should be because they are important. I made these last.
A center piece for the guests' tables. Melody made the cards and the card stands. She did so much for this wedding! All of the flowers were her pickings and all I did was put them together. Mind you, arranging them was not easy because I wanted everything to flow. She wanted 3 irises for each vase so I had to put them in carefully so they blend.
 All the arrangements on the table. =) I didn't get to take better photos because it was getting late and I had to go home. I can't wait until the tulips bloosom! They were still buds and that was why it appears more green than it should.

Centerpieces: green hyperium, blue irises, white tulips

Melody and I worked on this together. This will be for her guest book table and where the gifts will be placed.

I will definately take pictures during her wedding! I hope it doesn't rain!

She and John stuffed my purse with a thank you card and money! (X__X). I didn't take the money but only the card. It was my gift for her, my service. Plus, friends don't charge friends. At least, that isn't my style.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My breathing is still going badly for a while now. I think, unfortunately, that it worsened.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Book Recommendation: Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay

Sarah's Key 
by Tatiana de Rosnay

I only read this during school and finished all 293 pages of it within two school days. That is saying alot about how much free time I have. It also gives insight into how engrossing this novel was for me. I was saddened, angered, hopeful, shamed, relieved and above all else, I was educated. This novel that was based on history. Back in 1942, the French police gathered Jewish families and placed them inside a colosseum of sorts. Th conditions were horrible and many grew ill, some died and those who lived were taken to Poland for the gas chambers. This novel, Sarah's Key, was written in a contemporary way that introduces the past and covers the present day's knowledge- or lack of- what happened during the Holocaust in France.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Melody's gift!

Just placed an order for Melody's wedding gift. 51.79 dollars! O_o She is registered at Macy's. I really wanted to get her the Martha Stewart spice rack set that cost 70-80bucks.. but it was already claimed! So, the next best thing was the kitchen utensil set. =) Its really cool how stores offer registry options. It beats scrambling around to find the gift while not knowing what the couple really wants. Anyway, I hope her gift comes quickly! I am having it sent to my home so I can wrap it up! Her wedding is in 11 days!!!!


I didn't like school today. Ms. Vicki keeps stirring up trouble and causing a scene. I understand where she is coming from (she lost her authority because of all the changes and uncertainty in the school), but she was literally up on students faces yelling at them. That was out of line. She didn't leave room for open discussion but shoots down opinions and disrespects other instructors and the owners of the school. I am angry at her for making me move to another station where hair is everywhere. I will not be responsible for any fines if the state board administrator comes to inspect! No way! Maybe this is her off day. She is entitled to some because she is human after all. I hope this passes and the school's vibe will be better.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Slash- Sweet Child O' Mine

This is Melody's song to dance with her father on her wedding day. She also has the music notes tattooed on her back too. This song means a lot to her and it took me until today to listen to it. It is such an emotional song; it is absolutely beautiful.

My blue and pink lock

What a great feeling it is to remember! After YEARS! Literally YEARS not being able to remember the combination for my master lock that I used during my middle school days, I finally remember! To hear the click when it opened was refreshing! I haven't been able to remember the combo since high school and misplaced the lock ages ago. While I was rummaging through my father's desk today, I found it and toyed with it. I just found my usb-s too!!! I was looking for them for a while and was getting frustrated. That was why I was looking through my father's desk in the first place, to find a spare of his. That was when I remembered. My brain is doing very well today!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Plannings of April

I am currently thinking up ideas for my newly en-stabled annual Easter Egg Hunt for Amber and Durango! =) I did this scavenger hunt last year and it was pretty fun and want to do another so they will have a fun childhood with me to remember when they are older. This year I would like to try puzzle pieces inside the eggs and make it more challenging mentally for them to figure out. I want to stimulate their brain during the time of fun =). Right now, I am planning that the backs of each puzzle piece will have a dot and when all the pieces are connected, we will flip the puzzle and see a connect the dots board. The finished image will be a map to where there prize is located! All this is my idea mind you. I spend my time in Walgreen looking for creativity during my break time from school. When I have everything done, I will post pictures and explain how to before Easter.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kiki Japanese Resturant

I did my FIRST highlights today on a client!!!! (0^____^0)!!!!!! I didn't get to see the finished look because I left while Thi washed our client's hair. It was over school time and I had to go home. Using foil is not my favorite thing in the world. It doesn't grasp nicely and it slips easily. No good! But, I believe that using foil first to get the hang of things is better because once I master the basics, I can do anything else with great ease.

Kiki Japanese Resturant
1269 9th Avenue (between Irving St & Lincoln Way)
San Francisco, CA 94122
Sunset district

I really like coming here for sushi! Lo and I are not fans of raw sushi and Kiki offers many different cooked versions! Fried sushi is even more better. Their chicken karaage is really good and well seasoned. It is juicy and they provide lemon for a better taste. Our favorite sushi roll is the Pink Dragon (salmon roll). The prices are affordable. I have yet to try their rice or udons and frankly, I rather stick to Japantown for those. I am here solely for their cooked sushi! =) The exterior of the restaurant is strange. Their entrance is slanted and one would assume it is a cramped space, but its really not. The interior is spacious. Their decor consists of manga posters. Their website offers 10%-20% discount of meal too! Click here for direct link. Their location is really great because after a fun time in Golden Gate Park, one can walk, jog, run, bike, or drive here and munch away.

From top to bottom: Fried tofu, Firecracker roll, Snowball Roll. 

From left to right: Pink Dragon roll and chicken Karaage.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

flies in my wallet

Dear Alisa,

Please stop spending money. You are down to your last 40bucks and you don't have a job!

Your wallet

( X______x ) 

I am so bummed! Just checked my bank account the other day and my money.. almost all gone!!!!! How am I suppose to pay for my Dermalogica facial kit now?? Its $250!! I suppose I can give facial treatments and charge people, but I am not licensed yet!! AND the kit I bought is for normal skin only! What if the people have oily skin? It would be illegal to offer facial services for fees anyway. oh woe is me! I just printed 6 copies of my resume and will look for a night job tomorrow. I do not have time during the day because of school. I MUST! This is so bad. Wish me luck!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Opi Black Shatter Polish

I just bought this today and WOWW!!! Watching this polish break off into cool patterns is niffty! I forgotten to take pictures of my experiments and left the bottle at school.. I won't be able to get it until Monday.

Really! This is really cool stuff! The base color should be a desired color and then paint one coat of the shatter polish after its dried.

Brands like Zoya, Opi and Essie are for retail and do not contain those harmful cancerous chemicals. I find that Zoya polishes are more condensed, which is a good thing because it requires one or two coatings only. Essie is more liquid and needs more applications on the nails. Opi has more color choices. =) I also like China Glaze, but am not completely sure if it is cancerous-chemical-free. China Glaze is a bit cheaper and has more glittery options.
 My experiments!