Monday, February 28, 2011

Wrinkles and Habits

Wrinkles come with aging; it is inevitable. Pollution, drugs, alcohol, sun exposure, genetics and stress are the main reasons why people wrinkle earlier in life. What I learned is this: the sun is a huge factor of our aging. That is why it is vital to moisturize our face, neck and chest because those are the areas most exposed. This is why we are recommended to drink at least 6-8 cups of water a day! I am trying hard to drink that said amount, but the need to rush to the bathroom so many times a day leaves little to be desired. I do not like public restrooms! They are dirty and most times, they do not have the basic toiletries. However, when it comes to beauty, time and discipline (sometimes pain for waxing and the sorts) comes with the territory. Girls after all, have higher pain tolerance than our counterparts. This is a scientific fact. Look it up if you do not agree. (^__^)y

My current topic in school is: facial. This is why my post is revolving around this. It gave me information to piece together this for you, my readers. Our daily habits also contribute to our face. When younger, I noticed my cousin would rub her eyes upward (a habit of hers). She also had eyelashes that curl upward. The reason why her lashes curl is because of her habit. My friend's habit is to rub her palm up her nose whenever there's an itch. Her nose goes up. Its just a slightest habits we do to our faces that changes it over the years. So, my advice is: if you have a habit of pulling your face down, instead, lift it up. This will help change the sagging of your face overtime. Some people have a habit of resting their cheek on their hand when bored. This will cause awkward and uneven facial wrinkles in the future. Instead, try resting the hand on the scalp instead.

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