Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday with Quynh

Lo was my model for makeup! He reluctantly sat on the stool and made it a pain to apply makeup on, but I managed! I wanted to try giving him a nice goatee and some bruises. Here are the results:

temple/cheek bruises
eye bruise

=) He can't grow a goatee because of his genetics, so I wanted to see how he would look like. I faded both the goatee and the bruises so much! They should be darker!


Hung out with Quynh today! She is such a sweet heart! She likes to shop, this one. Though, she didn't buy anything for herself. We walked to downtown and walked so much that our feet were sore. She was looking for shoes and a gift for her husband. I was also in search for a birthday gift for Lo..

We ate in the Westfield shopping center. Our choice of food was Korean! I had their noodle with salmon and lemon chicken. It was yummy =). Thanks Quynh for lunch! When I took my phone out of my wristlet, my 20 bill fell out somehow. =( I didn't realize that I lost it. Such a complete waste of good money!!!!! Why couldn't the dollar drop instead???

Old Navy was one of our many stops. I got this tank for both of us because it looks pretty in real person. She was shopping for everyone else but herself and I knew she wanted one too. She's like a little sister that hurts me for real. +___+


Her phone is sooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just had to take pictures of it and share to you all! =)

Her late birthday gift for me! She told me her husband came home and saw it wrapped up and thought it was for him! He was bummed after getting excited for nothing. Its okay though! He will be super happy with his gift when he recieves it tomorrow! I wrapped it and made a ribboned rose too for it too.
She made this cute strawberry short cake clay figurine too! =)

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