Saturday, February 12, 2011


Lo and I took a nap on my floor today. There was a car outside that kept going off!!! The alarm was so loud and it didn't stop! Lo acutally timed in during our drifting to sleep phase: 5 seconds of break between 22 seconds of alarm blasting; this went on for over an hour. It was SO ANNOYING! But Lo and I were both  drained from the week's lacking of sleep and managed to muffle to noise out a bit.

I dreamt that I took a nap on the floor with Lo. We both woke up and he told me that we would not see eachother for five days each week because of school and work! I was not happy about it and to top it off, my tooth chipped and fell out. It was almost two inches in length that fell out. I picked up the tooth and tried to place it back in my mouth. I felt like gagging and was very unhappy. Lo said he hoped I get better and left. ( that was my dream )

My dad woke me up right when Lo closed the door in my dream! I woke up to see Lo feets away from me, still sleeping. My indignation was gone because I soon realized it was all in my head. But, I felt even more tired before sleeping! I was basically dreaming about taking a nap and waking up only to do the same thing in real life! Pathetic!

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