Sunday, February 27, 2011

Recommendation: Herstyler Flat Iron

After asking around my school, I was given great referrals for this flat iron. My instructors uses this brand in their own salons. The smaller the width, the better for control when flat ironing hair. So, this one incher works great. Herstyler flat irons are sold in mall kiosks and the one I have up sells for $100+ retail. In Amazon, it sells new for only $30! I was effy about buying it from Amazon because it seemed too cheap to be in good condition. Well, I tried it out many times and it works great! It was an added bonus that the shipping was fast too.

Ceramic irons are better for the hair unlike its old fashioned iron plates. This flat iron heats up fast and is really easy to use. I don't flat iron my hair (its already straight), but like to mess with my mannequin's head instead. See, I would braid my doll's hair and let it curl over night so that I could flat iron it for instant, soft and straight results the next day. The following pictures are proof of what I mean. No products were used to aid my Herstyler iron. The change looks really nice doesn't it. You can click here for a direct link to the company's website and will see how much of a deal Amazon will give you. =)

Before Front
Before Side
After Front
After Side
Lo's hair flat ironed on the top. Soft and bouncy

I apologize to readers for my poor blogging posts recently. Netflix has been occupying my time!
(0 ^__^ 0) I am watching Grey's Anatomy from the beginning and am enjoying every moment! $10 a month people! WOW what a crazy steal! That's my laptop in the background with Grey's Anatomy season 3 on!

THIS IS MY 100th BLOG POST!!!!!! 

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