Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hers magazine

HELLO!!!! Been awhile since I posted a decent entry. I have been tired lately. Changes in the school again. The current owner wants to sell the school. If he cannot sell it within 2 months, he will close the school. Lucky for us, Mei is wealthy enough and very interested in buying it. She has had education on both hair and facials in China and her husband is currently a business man. They are fully capable to run the school and I believe her intentions are very good. She wants to make the school better. She has complained in the past about the level of teaching and the system of this school. I truly hope she gets approved to own the school and that it goes smoothly for her! Our current instructors will stay with her if that is the case. Lets see how things ago. I still have 4 more months of beauty school left! Then there will be more months of waiting for testing date.

This blog post will contain many pictures from a magazine I was looking through earlier this week. I really like these hairstyles and it suits the Asian face nicely. The flexibility of these hairstyles are truly inspiring- to me at least.
fun and fresh
sophisticated date
teacher look?

I really like how this cut is very different when styled. Same lady, different look. Of course, her makeup, clothing and accessories are huge factors to the changes. The first picture is my favorite style for this haircut. It is a blunt cut, thinned and layered.
mature look
softer visage
au natural

These four pictures are of the same lady! Look at how different her hair looks! Very textured hair, very layered! I can definitely imagine how easily her hair dances around. I love how it frames her face in the second and third picture.


This isn't really my favorite style, but it has alot to do with the bangs. I do not like the bangs here. Her side however, I like. Her hair was thinned and it may be slight A-line hair cut.
curls inside
swept bangs
curls outside

This haircut doens't give much room for changes of style, but still looks good. I love that this magazine does not show only the young. They have women of all ages in here and I feel that it is more real and personal- relate-able.

I like the way her haircolor was applied. There are three different tones of brown in her hair and it looks really nice to me. I want this for myself!

I should try to emulate this haircoloring technique on my doll's head.

From left to right: I like the first, second and the last. The picture in person looks alot better!


Okay, my time telling skills are not up to par, but I would like his and hers watches! White is nice! I won't be using it to tell time... it will just look nice on my wrist! =) ... waste of money? I agree! That is why I will not buy watches! I really want those gold bracelets that Vietnamese girls wear! I do not want seven or eight of them at a time, but just a few.

I find this freaky and also am awed by it. I believe they are preserving the animal. The one that we can see is a baby calf. One container shows half of the calf so one could see the insides. I cannot read the magazine because it is in Japanese, but why would anyone want this as home decor? Its freaky!

They look like Burkins!!!! I like the solid colors more, though I would not buy, nor use them. They would be nice in my closet as part of my future collection of purses and bags! X)
small bowed flats
pretty bracelet
causal-wear collars
I don't understand this, but I will assume that they are telling the public this: for squared face people, round glasses frames works best and vice versa.
The magazine's cover! This was a 2008's issue and I saw this laying at school. A customer must have forgotten it because I saw it around for two weeks with no one to claim it. Its very thick too.

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