Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hello Kitty

While at school, this is what we do! COLOR! =) Well, Melody and I just started yesterday and kinda got scolded by our instructors for doing so. But it kills time and keeps us occupied and in school! Otherwise, both she and I would be playing games and such. In a way, we are learning about colors and what goes with what for hair coloring! (^__^)

My Hello Kitty book and Melody's Princess book. She also was this awesome Tinkerbell one that cost $13. It has tons of stickers in it and lots of details to fill in.
I did all of the following yesterday. No coloring was done today because we were working on our school books..

Well, I did these.. I like to keep it cute and simple as possible.
The book was only $5 at Walgreens and it is pretty thick.
The different Kitty of the four was colored.
I was not paying attention and colored this wrong! All that pink was suppose to be blue! and the blue was supposed to be pink! =(
Tim did this page! He said it looked like Hello Kitty was on acid.. He may be right, I wouldn't know. I know that I did not kill her face with tiedye!
The front page

Lo and I went to Marnee Thai again on Irving. We ordered three different entrees and I am still so FULL and BLOATED! =( My stomach tripled it's size.

Food was good though! Mom is currently slaving away in the kitchen to make tomorrow's New Year meals! Her fault! She should just order out, but she wants to make it all. Lo and I did chip in to deshell and depoop the shrimps, vaccume, taking stuff from bitter melons and help make the che (dessert). More to do tomorrow! My baby Andre is thinner this year so he can wear his red Chinese jacket! =)

may your hopes and dreams come true

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