Friday, February 4, 2011

Chuc Mung Nam Moi!


My family came over for dinner to celebrate the new year! If the holiday was during the weekend, they would have came for lunch too. During the weekdays, people have school and work. Mom went crazy this year making lots of foods to eat. I wanted a family photo because its only today that we were all together. Other family gatherings consisted of San Francisco people only. This is just my dad's side of the family who live in the bay area (Pui was at work and didn't come). There were 23 people total in my home, but only family were photographed. My mom's side didn't they come. I am in the back wearing glasses. It is time for me to get a different frame! I am tired of the thick pink around my eyes.
These two silly ones kept pestering Andre! They were so cute doing so! They actually sang him a song so he could sleep and then pretended to sleep themselves. Amber was being a good daughter and kept a distance away from Andre's body. Her parent's are very strict because she has asthma. I am happy that the little ones are not scared of my baby anymore! They treat him with alot of care and play with him lots now.

Andre is wearing a Chinese jacket! =)
The three kids of my family with Lo. They are all wearing stripes! I did not notice it until now. =) We were hiding in my room to avoid the crowd.

before trade =)
20 in singles

To prepare for some soft core gambling, I had to break into my savings of tip money (from haircuts) for the first time. I didn't want to take from there so I traded larger bills for the singles.

We were all over the place and had to shout out numbers. Only two games were played because Riley (three years old) was rowdy. =) He kept running around and ruining people's card placements. We were playing bingo, one dollar a card!
Here is the cutey now! He ruined Lo's board. =)

We used watermelon seeds to place our called numbers. After everyone left, it was all over the place. The cause of the mess was because of Riley!

Riley's dad, Kyle and Tommy won!
Vietnamese Bingo
After some family members left, we played another game. This one was where you lose money faster. There are six different pictures and one just places money bets on them. There are three dices with the pictures on them. Whichever the dices show will be the winning pictures. If you bet big, you can either win big or lose it all. I lost 30 bucks total. Lo lost 35. Sometimes the dealer loses alot of money, but other times, he/she can win big.

Frank was our dealer; he brought lots of singles for this.

This picture was taken at the beginning. Only dollar bets here. A short time later, fives, tens and twenties were used! (+__+) Linh and Frank won this year! Every year Lo and I lose!!!!! Why is that??? He won lots at the beginning but kept playing and lost it all. I think that when Lo and I actually start working, we will use more money. As for now, we were stingy with our playing.
Today's red envelops collection! I will be getting more later. =) They look pretty! This is the year of the Rabbit/Cat!

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